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[Engine] 8v changeover
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum & on the brink of purchasing my first berlingo multispace. Having read a lot of articles about various failures with the 1.6 hdi engine, I had decided that the vehicle's service history was far more important than it's age, but then I discovered on this forum that the 1.6 hdi engines were changed from 16v to 8v around 2012, and that this change adressed many of the previous 'issues'. Checking out the parkers guide, I could discover the history of all minor trim levels, but no mention of an engine change Exclamation 
Having read what I have so far, I think that spending the extra money on a newer 8v version would be a wise move. Would I be correct in assuming that the vehicles with the revised front end and led lights are the ones with the 8v (dv6c) engine? A few advertisements show engine shots of the engine bay, but most dont so it is difficult to tell if they have the engine I want or not. The spec seems almost identical, and the trader may have posted the wrong figures anyway!
Can anyone clarify this for me so that I dont have to contact dealer after dealer to go and check out the engine bay of the vehicle before I go and view the vehicle.
Thanks, Richard
Hi Richard.

The dv6c engines (the 8V ones) were put on the B9 Berlingos and Partners in the end of 2011. They have 112bhp (there are other powers, like 90 and 75bhp), not 110, they have FAP (particle filter) and comply to the Euro5 pollution standards. In my case, I still have a non-LED front assembly, and have the DV6C engine, and my PUG is from December 2011. there are also some nuance changes inside the engine bay, in the intercooler feed pipe for instance, You will know for sure it is a 8V if the first registration is 2012, I guess. Personally, I would avoid (when buying a used car of course) the ETG geraboxes (6 speed semi-automatic), since the clutch assembly and flywheel are quite costly to change.
A small detail that can help you differentiate between 16V and 8V motors:
Thanks for the helpful info Luis. Unfortunately for me, it does clarify that I will have to visually check the engine bays on 2011/2012 vehicles that I am interested in after all!
(16-08-2017, 06:07 AM)oldbury863 Wrote:  Thanks for the helpful info Luis. Unfortunately for me, it does clarify that I will have to visually check the engine bays on 2011/2012 vehicles that I am interested in after all!

Well...I guess. But as I said, if it is late 2011 (like December) or 2012, it is very likely that it is already the 8V DV6C motor, and then you just take a quick look under the bonnet (or ask for pictures of this to the sellers), and look at the piping going out of the turbo to the intercooler.
I can't recall ever buying a car without even a token look under the bonnet & listening to the engine, just before kicking the tyres! I think seeing 'HDi 16' is probably a good clue.
Agreed, in that case probably an easy method is as noted above - check the emissions rating or road tax costs from the registration number. Asking the seller what it says under the bonnet will also avoid a trip out.

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