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amdro boot jump type conversion questions about using..
Hi Berlingo owners,  my first post, I have just bought a bootjump type conversion kit for a Berlingo.

I have a couple of (several) queries about using it...

My first question is about getting out of the bed and two (older but quite fit) people, is it going to be easier for us to get ourselves out from the rear using the vehicle tailgate or from the sliding side door once the bed is down? It hasn't arrived yet so I don't know which is going to be better.

The second is the usual one, what awning would be best? what would be recommended, we won't probably be away for more than 2 or 3 nights at a time. Should I get a tail gate awning, to make most use of the bootjump?  - perhaps the khyam quick erect tailgate? although that does look a bit expensive for my taste,  I would buy one if it was going to be worth it, but is there a good cheaper alternative? Would a side awning be more practical, I don't want to spend ages putting one up so have seriously thought about the Quechua Base Seconds, which I am leaning towards, or possibly the suncamp silhouette 225? I would prefer a drive away type to leave stuff in and save camping spot while away from campsite. The problem with the Quechua is that I wouldn't have the easy access to the cooker at the rear, and would I actually be able to use the Quechua on the tailgate with the tailgate above the tent? Would that be workable?

 I would really really love the help people on this forum can give, as I am in a bit of an analysis paralysis situation !!

many thanks

Hi Patrick and welcome to the forum. Whilst waiting answers have a search on the forum as there are many posts on boot jump type conversions with lot of pix to give you some ideas.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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Thank you, I have read loads of posts on this forum but unfortunately still don't really have a clear answer in my head!

I am just looking for general views, is a side awning or tailgate awning the preferred option for ease and speed of use? I will want to make use of the pull out cooker at the rear, but side awnings in general seem more practical, plus there is a larger choice. I want a compact awning, fast to put up but reasonably sturdy, just somewhere to change for 2 and put a couple of seats and a table for when it rains. As I say I am leaning towards the Quechua, which seems to be quite liked, but don't like the idea/issue that some sites may not accept it as an awning? I suppose I could get a side awning and put my my 4ft wind break at the rear to do the cooking? On the the other hand the Khyam tailgate appeals as an all in one option... I told you I was dithering! :-)
I want to go out in the Berlingo camping at the end of next week with luck, so hopefully will have pulled the trigger on something by then!

Hi  Does anyone know of what one must do to modify the front seat so as to use the Amdro Jump Boot. Looking to buy one so maybe the details of the mod may come with it. cheers
Hi. We bought a used Amdro set up which included the Amdro boot tent.
This worked well and we managed to climb in and out of bed through the back. We left the tailgate open during the night. We didn't have to drive away, but I do think it would be pretty straightforward, but with the design of that tent you couldn't leave chairs or tables etc set up.
And to reply to Brownboots. -  The front seats just need to push forward and fold over slightly in  our Berlingo.
Berlingo 2014 1.6 hdi 90 XTR in White
I find it easier to get out through side doors.
2013 Peugeot Partner 1.6 eHDI Automatic
(21-08-2017, 05:38 AM) Wrote:  I find it easier to get out through side doors.

It is arriving Wednesday so should be able to try it then properly and see what we prefer.  
I think most likely will get the Quechua pop up, purely for speed of putting it up.

Many thanks
I find sleeping in the car mk3 with bootjump type box feet to the front of the car aka steering wheel.
Front seats down and pushed forward, i find it more raised at the front then the back so like to be a little more flatter.

Means you can slide down to the side door to open it from the inside as once the boot is close you can't open from the inside. Thou seen a guy on Youtube here add an extra switch to the inside of the car so you can open it from inside of the car. 
He also done a review of the tent awning he has for the car as well, from the tail gate.
Been tempted to do it my self, thou maybe with a cover as i carry dogs and don't want a paw pushing it.

Normally leave the windows open as it can get a bit steamy Wink thou i do have wind defectors at the front to heal stop rain falling in or have left with the boot open ajar at the bottom just sticking something in the way to stop it fully closing.

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