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[Engine] VTS Conversion
Hi all. New to this site, We are currently swapping a berlingo 1.4 to a C2 VTS lump. We have bought the inlet off a saxo with a cable throttle have the wiring and ecu off the C2. Just wondering what else is required to do this swap - Gearbox? Engine wiring loom to body loom as plugs are different?

What is that 'lump'?

A 1.4i (TU3), a diesel, or possibly a 'Sensodrive' (ET3 / ET5 )
I'd get a wiring diagram for your engine and find all the common links from the van, and then see what's common on both and what your missing ? Stuff like can hi and can lo may be issues as your not running a bsi so the newer engine will be run using can, you'll need to find a way to get speed o the can network which I think you'll struggle with, and you'll need the engine Ecu de immobilising, your van and the engine aren't really a good combination if I'm honest as the C2 is canbus and your van isn't so I suspect your going to lose a lot of essentials like speed, rev counter, water temp unless you use all the c2 sensors and also the original engine sensors with a stand alone wiring loom Sad

To gadget man it's a 1.6 16v with 120bhp from memory, similar to the late 106gti and Saco vts engine so a Saxo vts or 106 ecu from a late car may work better than the original C2 ecu if you get the wiring loom

As an aside you can also junk the lower oxygen sensor if you want to decat it if you take a couple of jubilee clips and clamp the lower oxygen sensor to the underside of the manifold to give it some protection from the elements and get it warm with the exhaust properly

Just re-read your post, you can't use a cable throttle with the C2 ecu so that's gonna be junk, it's how it came or not at all, which means either adapting a fly by wire throttle controller and using C2 ecu which I don't think you can anyway because of reasons above so you need to get an ecu from either of the two I mentioned above ideally, you can use some of the plugs from the C2 look as they will be new shape ones vs square older style ones, but make sure sensors have the same reference ranges before cutting and swapping stuff over, you have to go with one system or the other and you need the early one because of your vans age Wink

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