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Unable to fill fuel tank
My partner is is away with the van at the moment and is having issues.

Yesterday when she filled the van up the fuel pump did not cut off and the fuel over flowed on to her trainers.  Put this down to a faulty fuel pump.

However today she has gone to fill up the tank and the pump cuts of almost immediately she has tried pulling pump out changing angle of nozzle but no difference.  Took ages just to get enough fuel in to continue her journey.

Quick google indicates that the fuel vent may be blocked?  Does anyone have any idea if this is likely to be the case or any other suggestions on what could be causing this and can it be fixed diy or is it likely to be a garage job?
Yes she has tried a few different ones, now when the cap is removed she gets a gurgling nosie so think the fuel vent is blocked.
(28-08-2017, 04:58 PM)doofer Wrote:  Definitely.

That's the van back from the garage, the mechanic explained that because the fuel pump did not cut out; it filled up the vent pipe and contaminated the filter within the pipe.  Filter has been cleaned and tank can now be filled although still not quickly.  Been advised that if no improvement in a week will require a new filter which is £100.

On a side note the mechanic checked the van as it has been running rough, he looked at oil and said it looks like it has not been changed in a while, partner advised it was changed just over two weeks ago.  Mechanic drained the oil and showed this to my partner and the oil was black and watery so looks like my local garage did either did not change the oil or used a very low grade of oil.  He has change the oil and filter and the van is running much better.

Angry Not happy paying for a service but no way of proving that the garage did not change the oil.
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Fuel vent filter getting wet has to be bad design nothing to stop someone rerouting the pipework to avoid repetition.
(30-08-2017, 08:53 AM)doofer Wrote:  From a quick google I've learnt a bit about this fuel vent filter.  Apparently the most common cause of failure is from over-filling the tank.  It's designed for vapour only, and liquid fuel ruins it.  Stopping at the first click is the recommended way, so no more click-pump-click-pump-click for me!

Perhaps the liquid diesel in yours will gradually blow away a bit, I suppose petrol would evaporate but diesel won't, so perhaps recovery might be slow or not at all.

Was your previous service a main dealer or elsewhere?

The service was an independent garage that used to be a Citroen dealer ship many years ago.  I have no way of proving that he has not done the service and will have to pay the invoice, however I will be including a letter advising that I am not happy and stating the reasons why.  As for the faulty pump at Asda will contact them see if they might offer any compensation however won't hold my breath.
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