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[Engine] New van
Thinking about getting a new van,bit confused about engine size,I want a diesel,,but looking around there's a 75 HP,90,HP,120,HP!,what would be the best engine,,and any problems with them,I'm looking at 2017 model, manual,cheers,
You've been used to a 2.0 engine before I believe so you'd want the same power so get a 90 but the 75 is actually quite capable but with less grunt and top end, depends on your usage really.
Pretty much the same engine in all models, just different software.
I guess tax & insurance will differ a little, the small<output ones are pretty good for most uses tbh.
Yeah I do miss the 2 Lt hdi,,so want something with a bit of grunt,.plus I miss the van,!! Can't get on with my car,
My 1.6hdi 75 has more grunt than my 2.0hdi had - the 1.6hdi is a totally different engine - new gen diesel.

Get a test drive you will see what im saying then
(02-09-2017, 07:30 AM)polar Wrote:  My 1.6hdi 75 has more grunt than my 2.0hdi had - the 1.6hdi is a totally different engine - new gen diesel.

Get a test drive you will see what im saying then

Cheers polar,I will test drive one soon,the 1.6 hdi,75, seem the cheapest ones for some reason,?I'm thinking it could be remapped any way,I traded my old 2 Lt hdi in for a corsa 1.4, big mistake,? nice car but I can't over take with confedence,, plus I didn't realise how much I missed a van,!!
One other thing,have you had any problems with it,? Anything to look out for,?,I'm thinking getting brand new van,so it will proberly be my last to ,cheers
No problems in 9 years
Bear in mind that the 90ps engine will be in an L1 850. You'll be limited to 60 on dual carriageways etc as it's 2.2 tons gross weight. I think the new blue hdi engines are 100ps and 6 speed manual boxes but are under the 2 ton gross weight.

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Good point didn't think about that,cheers

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