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[Warning Light] Talking to OBD2 port?
Hi, my buddy's 2006 diesel Berlingo van has the engine warning light on all the time.

So I tried pugging in my USB ELM327 OBD2 reader device & fired up it's supplied software (Gendan Engine Check Pro)

Tried connecting - seemed to connect just fine.

Tried reading fault codes - it did 'something' but no codes were displayed. It seemed to be reading things like engine rpm, coolant temperature ok though. & it did seem to pick up on the engine warning lamp being 'on'.

Tried 'clearing fault codes' even though there didnt seem to be any - this had the effect of the software subsequently reporting the engine warning light to be 'off'.

Didn't actually turn off the light on the dash though.

Read around a bit, had some help, & came to the conclusion I need proper software and hardware to talk to the Citroen 'properly'.

Tried my favourite local mobile mechanic but he's only got the generic ELM327 reader himself.

Found I have a CD left over from an earlier encounter with a Citroen Dispatch van, "Lexia 3 v45". I'd noted back then, in sharpie marker on the CD, that "this needs a special cable, Actia, PSA Evolution X5 interface etc". Never used it. IIRC I thought I needed it to configure the CAN bus, something to do with volume controls on a radio I was fitting, in the end all I needed for that was an interface box of tricks that just plugged straight into the back of the radio with no config necessary. So I never investigated Lexia any further.

Seems from looking around the 'net and on ebay etc, there's a wide range of options for different hardwares and softwares to talk to the Citroen OBD. Diagbox hardware, Lexia hardware, different levels of software etc etc. Although I've got a Lexia CD it looks like most of these options come with software included?

Given that all I want to do is connect successfully to the basic extent necessary to find the cause of the warning light being on, fix the problem, and hopefully turn the light off, what's the cheapest options for my circumstance? Been looking at eBay item number: 122586086176; am I on the right track?
I use Diagbox on a cheapy laptop. Also use an app called Torque on my phone paired with a bluetooth dongle for the OBD connection.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

If you look on the French Car Forum and /or the Peugeot Forum you'll see a list of people with Lexia / Diagbox that are willing to help. Maybe there's someone in your area who will be able to help for a few pounds or less. Other than that there's plenty of info on what to buy in other threads, searching for 'Lexia' here and on the FCF will show a lot of results. The item you listed is the kind of thing you need, but experiences seem to vary on how good some of the kit is. 99.9% of the Lexia kit on sale is a Chinese copy but it seems that some are better than others.
I had a look on the FCF & someone did direct me to the list you mention. The nearest member who might be able to help is about 80 miles away though & I wouldn't expect help for nothing, so overall it might work out better to purchase some kit.

I do have Torque on a hudl tablet, unfortunately it refuses to talk to my Gendan USB ELM327 dongle. I do have a bluetooth dongle on the way, it said it was living in London but it turns out it's floating very very slowly from Beijing. I didn't think Torque & ELM327 would do the job actually - that's interesting.

Does anyone have any experience with "faplite" ?

Thanks for your replies :-)
I think the ELM327 readers will only show generic codes, for anything detailed or specific you need the 'proper' diagnostic tool. This may be what's happening in your case.
That ebay item you pointed to says it's in London, if so it's a good price and you've a good chance to get some money back via Paypal if it doesn't work. Looks like a 2 week delivery time, so I'd ask where it actually is first before buying.
Had basic joy with this combination:

Tesco Hudl Android tablet

Pretty sure it's quite limited compared to the dealer-level tools, but it connected flawlessly over bluetooth and happily accessed the vehicle/OBD side of things. Reported a fault code, something about a pump, I hope it's ok to post the details in a fresh thread.

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