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Tikking noise engine
my car was running on idle after a drive home. and I hear this tikking noise. any idea of what the problem could be.  
hears like its coming from the place around the oil cap. on that side of the engine. 

2009 1.6hdi 75hp.       154000km

video in link
Maybe a bit late but I cant hear much difference to a normal cattery engine but if you can hear something it could be the injector seals leaking. Take the cover off and look for fumes and black deposits round the top of the injectors.
Can you smell fumes when you lift the bonnet ? As above could be injector seal or you could be getting ready for an oil change and the hydraulic lifters are gummed up a bit.
So where does this bit go then ?
It's always a shot in the dark on a forum when diagnosing noises without being able to listen to the original, but a leaking injector seal will make a 'chuffing' sound, rather than a mechanical ticking. - so if your noise is a real ticking then I would put injector leakage as a low possibility.

I would also question the hydraulic lifters here. If you had just started the engine from cold they would be a prime suspect, but after a journey, as you have just made, I would discount them as a first cause and look elsewhere.

A long screwdriver held against your ear with the blade pressed on different engine parts (be careful if you do this!) may pinpoint the source of the noise.
Alternator belt starting to break up and bits flapping around
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
from the area you describe and the mileage on your vehicle i would get a mechanic to have a listen just to make sure its not a cambelt idler breaking up?

Could also be an injector seal as mentioned above ^^^ an injector can sound like a chuffing sound or a ticking sound.

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