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[Warning Light] P1687 Fault pump module not matched-unlocked
Accessed the OBD2 port on my buddies 2006 Berlingo diesel van using an Android tablet, OBD dongle and FAP software.

The vehicle displays a constantly lit engine warning dash lamp.

The following fault code was reported:

P1687 Fault pump module not matched-unlocked

Tried clearing all fault codes - this appeared to go smoothly and FAP reported success.

No difference to dash lamp though.

I figure, without my actually fixing the problem, the fault will just keep on being detected?

I'm taking a wild guess here that at some point, someone has fitted a replacement pump of some description, which requires the vehicle's ECU to be updated upon fitting. But the updating hasn't been done.

I'm guessing one would need more capable OBD tools than FAP to go in and do that updating.

Maybe someone's fitted a spurious non-Citroen part that simply cannot be recognised?

Wild guesses by me.. does anyone have any better info regarding what P1687 means?

[edit] found a bunch of info online - the general consensus seems to be that this code appears when you have a certain lucas diesel pump, and a fuse in position 2 in the fusebox (when there shouldn't be a fuse there at all)... does that sound about right? (Maybe it originally had a bosch pump which blew up or summat..)

....Would anyone be able to direct me to a decent fusebox diagram for a 2006 diesel berlingo? I think the image on the following page should show the 'fuse 2' position fairly accurately but without the vehicle in front of me (it's 20 miles down the road as I type) it's hard to be sure:
If you look carefully at the fuse box there's normally small number next to each fuse which indicates the fuse number, F1, F2, F3 etc.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
If F2 is the one I think it is, and that's the right box I've linked to above.. it's kinda weird because F2 seems to be just the one terminal. There must be another bit that sits outside the fusebox, that the other end of the fuse plugs into IYSWIM?

Sorry I can't just nip outside & take a snap.. not driving all the way to Garstang in my PJ's lol. Have to verify the fusebox tomorrow eve.
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  • burtonjk
What engine ?
Engine runs OK ?

Best regards,
Not sure which engine or brand of fuel pump - van's 20 miles up the road at buddy's place at the mo. I will be going up there later on this evening though so I'll take a look.

What's the easiest way to visually identify the engine?

Yep the engine seems to run okay. Mind you, buddy's not the best at picking up on the noises of mechanical badness & he's never driven the van without the fault light being on, it's been on since purchase.. so it might well be running badly without him even realising.

Seems okay to me but, I've only ever seen & heard it stationary at idle.
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  • bobalobmitchell
If engine runs ok then you can ignore the light.
Your buddy is already doing exactly that  Wink

Best regards,
Turned out to be this fusebox:

F2 was well identified with a '2' embossed on the fusebox plastic base.

Removed F2 which was indeed present.
Started engine, lamp still on.
Attached Android tablet running FAP & Citroen compatible OBD bluetooth dongle, fault P1687 still reported.
Tried to clear code - FAP complained, 'stop the engine'
Stopped engine, cleared fault code, lamp still on.
Shut down, removed OBD dongle, disconnected batt +ve, waited 5 or so mins, reconnected batt
Ignition to 1 / engine not running - connected OBD & cleared code again. lamp still on :-(
Disconnected batt again for 5 mins
Ignition to 1 / engine not running - cleared code once again
Just went ahead and started engine - warning lamp gone off soon as engine fires, as it should be?

From this point on, many attempts to clear code done but every time disconnected & reconnected FAP, error reported again. However, despite FAP still reporting the error, the warning lamp has now stopped appearing as soon as engine fires. Everything seems normal. Checked all electrics on the van & everything seems to still be working okay without F2.

If it stays like that that's good enough for me!

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