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After market light Wiring

Looking for a little help with fitting of an LED light bar.
I know the basics of how to do this kind of thing, but wondered if anyone could provide a bit more of an in-depth tutorial for me.
The main thing I'm unsure of is where to find the negative terminal on the battery, I'm aware of how to jump-start but not sure where to connect negative cabling.

I'm also unsure of how to patch in to the full beam head lights, so that the light only comes on with my high beams (but can also be fully turned off via rocker switches).

Any help greatly appreciated.

(08-09-2017, 08:28 PM)doofer Wrote:  The body is the negative terminal.

Check the legality - you may end up with an MOT failure and/or get stopped or fined.  I'm pretty sure that these aren't allowed for on-road use, but I haven't checked in detail as I decided they were probably a bad idea, legal or not.

My understanding is that the biggest issue is that they're really bright, so you can see everything like it's daylight - great, you'd think.  But, when you see some lights coming towards you and dip them, your eyes were already adjusted for the bright light so you can see nothing for several seconds.  Full beam needs to be bright enough for you to see, without being bright enough to make your pupils contract.


Cheers for getting back to me! I had thought the chasis would be what I should use but wasn't 100% sure, so could to have this confirmed.
With regards to legality, as far as I'm aware as long as you run it through another switch, so that you can have it off completely, not just on dimmed headlights. But, I will have to double check this first!

Cheers again for the reply!

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