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Hi all, here's a little story for you,
I'm a courier, was on bikes for 25 + years, but now I just do part time work in my Berlingo, I'm limited to what I can do, five years ago I almost died from a ruptured Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm, was in a coma for nine days, & nearly lost my legs, I'm now registered disabled, I have trouble walking & can't carry anything too heavy, anyway I got a call from my works offering me two weeks work delivering mail, which I can handle, & the pay was very good, this was on last Monday afternoon, so I would start the next morning, so I'm feeling great, going to have a bit of money in my pocket.
That Monday afternoon I took my eldest Son to the doctors, & halfway there the van makes a terrible noise, the Ancillary Belt has been screeching for quite some time & I kept putting it off, because the Haynes Manual makes it sound a really awkward job, saying that it should only be tensioned by an official Citroen mechanic, I open the bonnet & sure enough the belt is shredded, I managed to cut the loose bits off with some scissors & we got to the doctors & back.
Just my bluddy luck, got work for two weeks & my belt's had it.
The only thing to do is do it myself, no other options, I kept the belt & loads of other parts off my old van, so here goes.
I put the front up on axle stands, & with the roadwheel & splashguard removed you can get to the belt, I removed the lower idle pulley & the remains of the belt, positioned my 'new' belt in place but even with the lower pulley removed the belt seemed about an inch too short, I slackened the offset pulley & positioned it to give me more 'slack', but still no way would the belt fit, so I decide to slacken the Alternator but that has no adjustment on it ! Now I'm thinking how the hell am I going to sort this ?
Cup of Tea time, lets have a think about this. 
This is what I done, removed three bolts from the Crankshaft Pulley & slacken the fourth, so you can turn the pulley & slip the belt over into position, then lock a pair of Molegrips onto the inner casting ring of the pulley, slide a screwdriver through the jaw s of the Molegrips so you have made a 'T' Bar, lever the Grips round so the other holes in the Pulley line up & insert the bolts again & fully tighten. Brilliant ! Started the van up & it's all good, no noises & it has been fine all week, I know this is not the proper way to do it, but I was stuck & had to do it somehow,      Happy days, thanks for reading this, best of luck to you all.   Smile
Mk1, 1.9D, Admiral Blue, 51 Plate.
That is amazing, I had the exact same problem about two months ago when I did a (long overdue) change of both drive belts. It's been "squeaking" a bit ever since, so I'll try your method.
You're a lucky guy BTW, a few yrs ago my next door neighbour was feeling a bit peeky and he went down to the Drs surgery and never came back. Turned out he had one of those abominable aneurysms.
And it hasn't put you off crawling about under the car?
Respect! A cold's enough to do that for me.
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