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Berlingo/Partner hybrid conversion
Hi all,

I've been thinking of late, has anyone ever thought of doing a berlingo/partner hybrid conversion based on M59 or even B9 chassis? I figured surely it wouldn't be too hard to fit a battery pack under the flat boot floor, and fitting motors through the hub, trailer arm assembly, and motor, battery controller,  could probably be feasibility.

Would it be too complex to integrate especially with the electronics, especially compatibility with the existing system? Would there be a risk of patent infringement from manufacturers of similar systems including PSA Groupe who are designed similar setups, and how can such be mitigated?


Peugeot Partner 1.9d soon to be upgraded to 2.0hdi (or downgraded in some POV)
(13-09-2017, 08:20 PM)doofer Wrote:  The biggest problem is the cost of the batteries.  Lithium is the only sensible way, but they're very expensive.  Lead-acid is pretty much pointless, as you use lots of energy lugging the batteries around.

I wouldn't have thought patents would be a problem for a DIYer, but would be if you started flogging your conversions.

Thanks for your feedback. I'd have thought someone has thought about it here or even attempted for Berlingo/Partner. It appears none so far from my research.

Though I have seen some company that does electric versions. I've seen conversions involving other car makes and even kits costing $3k.

Thanks mate.
(14-09-2017, 11:47 AM)doofer Wrote:  I wish I could edit a post, but it's not possible now adblock's been banned!

I just saw you stated hybrid, not all-electric.  That hasn't been done, but I know that my diesel Berlingo does about the same mpg as a Prius anyway, in the real world.  Partly because it's petrol, partly because it's lugging all the batteries and motors around.  I don't know why we don't get diesel hybrids, there must be a reason.

Well I had thought Diesel hybrids weren't that outstanding, till I read an article on the net by a Prius driver of American origin who hired a 3008 Hybrid for use in Europe and was so impressed by it that he could hardly compare with his ride back home.

I think the best option (cheaper and relaxing) is bougth one (used or new).


Vigo, The cradle of all Berlingos / Partners.  Big Grin Heart
(15-09-2017, 10:19 AM)doofer Wrote:  A standard diesel will often return better mpg than a Prius anyway, it's probably more likely that the American is just not familiar with what you can get from a diesel as they don't generally have them over there.

I think theoretically a hybrid diesel could be a bit better than a diesel, but you've got to pay a lot more - it's an expensive engine plus expensive batteries, also a heavy engine plus heavy batteries to there's a lot of weight to lug around.

The review I read of the 3008 Hybrid said it gave just over 60mpg, which is the same as I can get from my Berlingo on a good run.  Plus bear in mind that the Berlingo has the aerodynamics of a brick, so it doesn't look like the hybrid adds much to it.

The explanation I read said that the electric motor has high torque at low revs, low torque at high revs but the petrol engine is the opposite.  So stick them together and they make up for each other well.  BUt a diesel has a similar torque curve to an electric motor, so they don't complement each other as well.

A hybrid only recycles energy from slowing down to speeding up, so it only ever helps with that type of driving - e.g. in town.  Once you get out on the open road a hybrid contributes nothing, plus you're carrying the weight of it all.  Plug-in hybrids are better, but even then they usually have such tiny electric range it's hardly worth bothering.

Hybrids do very well on official figures, as they start the test fully charged.  Volvo have a 4x4 tank-like thing that they quote 100+ mpg for.  I spoke to someone with one, who said they get 23mpg from it.  This sort of thing is outright lies really, but the test wasn't designed for hybrids so the car makers are just taking advantage of it.
Thanks for the detailed explanation. I believe from your explanation, it would really take quite a number of factors for the diesel hybrid to be a good technical choice. Perhaps city driving on electric mode. Beyond that it offers less additional advantage over pure diesel.

Thanks mate.

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