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elektric help needed
Hello all my first post here after manny problem free years with the Berlingo /Partner ! But now i have some big electrical issues on my last bought 2008 1,6hdi (old version not b9 )
The problem started when driving and the wippers didnt work than after some more kms i noticed that the beltlight and the parkbrakelight come on .
When i got home i made a Reset/Reboot of the Com 2000 unit after that the blink only works five times normal and than fast but without the lights comming on in the lamps only the dashlights . I made a BSI reset and the cr doesnt start but when i leave it over night it starts and the old fault is still there .
Anybody an idee? Quite desparate at this point .
Car goes normal and everything works appart from blink , wipers and the parkbreaaklight and belt light that are on .

Thanks before hand !
Hi and welcome - you sound like you may have a com 2000 unit problem - has the vehicle done many miles? They tend to wear on high mileage vehicles.

You need to do a diag ideally or you may be changing the com 2000 unit for no reason.
Well around 160000km is on it . Is it plug and play or the new /used com2000 have to be matched with the bsi . Try to get a used one from scrap yard today .
Thank you for your answer and have nice day !
AS polar says but have you also checked for blocked drain holes in the scuttle below the windscreen wipers. If the holes get blocked by leaves and rubbish water builds up and then runs down the wiring loom and gets in the BSI unit/fuse box and causes all sorts of problems. Worth a look. If you are lucky you can get away with drying it out.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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should be plug and play - as Tomcat3 says the BSI can get wet and cause all kind of electrical issues so also check this.
Ok thanks ! Do you take the bsi out for drying ? Can't see any water near there .
I opened the bsi and there is significant signs of corrosion on some spots . Cleaned it and it looks ok . But what if I can't get it to work again new bsi ? Can I use one from a other car ( used) ? Does a new one have to be relearned and made be confirmed to the car ?
You can get you own one repaired by BBA reman,you can also get a second hand one from a donor vehicle but you need the complete set for it to work which is BSI + ECU +transponder chip from the key.
Ok repair sounds god Wink the last part doesn't sound that easy and cheap Sad . I just try to reset the bsi and the com 2000 than will decide what will happen with it .
(14-09-2017, 01:13 PM)Partner1981 Wrote:  Ok repair sounds god Wink the last part doesn't sound that easy and cheap Sad . I just try to reset the bsi and the com 2000 than will decide what will happen with it .

In the ghetto mods chats, there is someone who shows how the PCB of the bsi could be repaired by heating in an oven. Mine was damaged by an overzealous carwash attendant who crouched and aimed above the footwell with the nozzle of the pressure washer - Replaced with a used one and pump immobiliser chopped off. I wish I knew of the hack so I could try it out before replacing.

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