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[Warning Light] Cruise control (again), yes again, but working (1.6hdi no FAP/DPF, 57reg)
Hi all,

Yes, cruise control again! After 5 years of trying this thing, I finally made pretty good progress, so decided to share with those that cannot make it work on the 1.6hdi and perhaps to know why.

Actually, the difference was a post in the peugeotforum (

Briefly, I will expand below, but it when the lights go crazy (selecting option cruise control 2 in BSI) and you do not see the speed/revs then the cruise control actually works. I just tested it and the cruise works without a problem, although speed is unknown in 4th gear. So, there is no BSI/ECU software block and basically the instrument cluster is not designed for the cruise control. I am not too sure if different cluster that was designed to work with a cruise control will work, why not. I also do not know why without display (option 1 in BSI) it does not work.

My setup:
Peugeot Partner Escapade 1.6hdi (9HXC, no FAP/DPF), basically a badge difference.
Cruise control without the limiter, brake pedal 4 wires, etc. All the options to set cruise are as supposed, but one has to select ECU conf/Test by ECU/BSI/Conf/Cust. options/Miscellaneous/Presence and type of cruise control / speed limiter- "with cruise control 2 and without speed limiter". Lights on instrument panel go crazy, but cruise will work. I tested it myself just now, so I know for fact that it works!
Problem is when trying to set "ECU conf/Test by ECU/Driver information / Communication/Instrument panel/Conf/Cruise control (RVV) and speed limiter (LVV)" to present it returns "downloading faulty". I suspect it cannot program the instrument panel. Cruise does not work with option 1.

If you want more info I can provide it, but this has been so exhaustively covered everywhere that I do not think I can add more.

How difficult is to change the instrument cluster with something that will support cruise control, say from a different citroen/peugeot that has this option?

smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
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Does anybody know what instrument cluster I can replace the current one with. As far as I checked (without dismantling the cluster), mu current one is either 6105W3 or 6105W4.
Also, as far as I understand the parts that support "regulator and speed limiter" are 6105Y6, 6105Y5, 6105X5 and 6105X6.

Unfortunately, I cannot find them anywhere. Do you happen to if any other part numbers would fit.

Many thanks indeed.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
I am also trying for the last 5 years without success  Sad

As I remember correctly I have tried "option 2" on my 1.6 and instrument panel did not go crazy.

I will try again this weekend and report back. Just to be sure. Also I will try to find my instrument cluster part number.

What year is your car ? 57reg means 2007 ? What exact Lexia version you have?

Also here and on another forum general consensus is that you need different instrument cluster.
But there is no 100% percent confirmation that it works after you change instrument cluster.
Or I have not found that post.

Also on peugeot forum there is post that if you go to dealer and update firmware on ecu,bsi,instrumet cluster
than you can enable CC. Unfortunately you can't update firmware when you are offline with newer version of Lexia.
That is disabled in program. You need to connect to internet and enter dealer user/pass and then you can update
firmware. IMHO it would be possible to extract firmware form known working instrument cluster to another with
external programator.

Best regards,
Did you fit another central display unit that is bigger?
(15-09-2017, 08:39 AM)East Wrote:  Did you fit another central display unit that is bigger?

Hi East,

Yes, I fitted a 3-line MFD from a Citroen C8, but I did not find any options for cruise on the new MFD. I also added board computer and a temperature probe.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
Hi Brajomobil,

It is 2007 (out of the Figo plant in Spain in September 2007). It is pug partner, 1.6hdi 9HXC engine. Should have uploaded a photo of the panel with the christmas lights. Here it is.


Despite all the lights, it starts and drives without a problem, all electrics work, brake lights, indicators, etc. Only the speedo, revs and all else on the instrument panel do not work at all and STOP flashes. With the option 1 (i.e without the display) in the BSI, the cruise control module is recognised by the system and I can see that buttons are recognised when pressed, but no luck in operation. When I select option 2 I get the instrument panel as the photo and thus far I have never really tried driving with this, but this time I did and the cruise control actually works. Holds the relatively unknown speed in 4th gear, but I suspect it was ~37-40mph. All of the buttons on the cruise control work as they should, up/down, pause, etc. The problem is somewhat that in the instrument cluster menu for the cruise control (ECU configuration and services -> Test by ECU -> Driver Information Comunication -> Instrument Panel -> Configuration -> Cruise control (RVV) and Speed Limiter (LVV)) the option is empty and when put in present I get "downloading faulty" and if absent it gets configured ok, but when I come back in the menu it has reverted to empty.

My car is a pug partner, a badge difference, so I use diagbox v05.29 and have tried up to 6.04, as my device (cheap Chinese version does not allow higher). I have tried with lexia as well, but to the same effect. My Lexia version is v500.22 type Lexia3 and my PP2000 is 600.26.
The BSI (Siemens) product ref is 9657999780 and software ver 9664027480, soft ver 23.50. The ECU (Bosch EDC16C3) with PSA ref 9653958980 and soft ref 9663943980.

As far as I see the CC works, I have tested it, I would not have thought that I need to update the ECU. If it did not work in any of the options, then yes I agree. I will also get my part number, but from service box with VIN my one is 6105W3 and in service box is stated "except regulator and speed limit". For the other versions it says "and regulator and speed limit".

I managed to find a Russian site, where someone has successfully swapped with a new version 6105X5 and the cruise works (, with the help of google translate of course. The person's car was berlingo 2007 and the new instrument panel is slightly different from mine with a small lcd display on the right showing the cruise. Crucially his mileage did not change when he replaced the new instrument cluster.

smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
Finally success. Cruise controll works on 1.6HDi 90PS year 2008 Wink

To be honest instrument cluster is not working but who cares. CC works  Tongue

Saskak you are the man. Thank you for this info. After many years of searching
solution was under my nose.

Fitted stalk 6242z9 (the one without speed limit option)

In Diagbox/Lexia in ECU -> configuration -> Manual configuration->
Presence of cruise control:Yes -> Configure -> use code 03114

In Diagbox/Lexia in BSI -> configuration -> Manual configuration->
Presence and type of cruise control: Cruise control and speed limitation 
-> Configure -> use code 03114

After that instrument cluster goes Christmas lights. Fitted cheap Bluetooth OBD dongle
and android torque app. Configured to show speed and went on ride.
Gear 4 and speed above 40Kmh. Cruise control on. Speed is maintained. It works !!!
Holy s**t, it works. Up button increase in speed, Down button decrease speed.
Touched brake pedal and CC turned off. 

After the ride did complete lexia diagnosis and instrument cluster shows fault:
Permanent fault: No communication with BSI

That explains all the Christmas lights. There is no communication with BSI and instrument cluster
goes crazy.

Next step is to determine if BSI needs new firmware update or Instrument cluster needs firmware update
I will investigate and report back.

At the end reverted back BSI configuration to "Presence and type of cruise control: none"
Instrument cluster works again. And no faults reported in lexia

Best regards,
Brajomobil, nice one!

I decided that I will upgrade the instrument cluster, as for several berlingos it has been reported to work.
Nevertheless, sourcing one appears to be a nightmare, that is in the UK. I cannot really find one with miles on the display. I can find plenty with kmh (mainland Europe sellers), but not with miles. I even managed to find all possible part numbers for these displays (photo attached).


If anyone is interested, here are the part numbers for the instrument clusters (different trim, colours) with the CC LCD display on the right:

10 digits part number:
9657951480, 9657951580, 9657951680, 9662744380, 9662744780, 9662745680

6 digits part number:
6105X5, 6105W9, 6105X6, 6105Y0, 6105Y2, 6105Y6, 6105X9, 6105Y1, 6105Y5, 6105X0, 6105X2, 6105X1, 6105Y0, 6105Y2, 6105Y6

If I manage to find one with miles, I will report back if it works.

smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
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People, it works perfectly!!!

I put this reply in another thread as well, my mistake.

The 5-year old saga is over for me at least.
So, I bought a second hand instrument cluster (6105X5, 9657951680) from the Netherlands. The donor car had 74k kilometers. My car has ~82k miles, so no problem with getting more mileage.
I put it in, all the lights were on (same as if cruise option 2 with display is selected on the normal cluster). Programmed to use cruise control option 2 with display and everything stopped flashing. The odometer read ~132000, or exactly my mileage in miles converted to kilometers. The trip distance was also in kilometers.

Took it for a drive and everything was OK, everything works as it should be, up/down from the control stick and cruise display also shows when the stick is switched on. See attached photos. The only problem is that the odometer shows kilometers and the cruise control LCD also shows the speed in kilometers.

The cluster is from Europe, so bought a cheap Peugeot 206 black instrument cluster and swapped the plastic thing that shows the speedometer in miles and in small letters kilometers. This is a perfect match. See photo.

If I can somehow switch the cluster to display miles on the odometer it would be perfect, but I cannot do it in Lexia/DiagBox/PP2000, this is no such option.

Just to check that everything is correct, I swapped back the clusters with the original one and the mileage is correct. As far as I can say or understand this kilometers business is hard-coded in the configuration data of the cluster itself.

Let me know if you need more info.

Happy days!

New donor cluster. The black caps on the needles are off as I was scanning the plastic thing for the speedometer. Might someday print myself a new face.

Second photo of cluster

The same cluster, but with the face of Peugeot 206. So now I get miles in big letters and kilometers in small.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
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  • Buki, cancunia
Excellent news & one reason less for me to not get a 1.6 M59!
The km/h in the cc window looks to be permanent, is there a similar display you can take from the pug cluster, it looks to have a window in the same place, perhaps the odo too? I'm surprised that the original didn't have mph on an inner scale, clearly they never expected a kph rhd car to be driven in the UK.

Brajo, looks like your quest may be over too.

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