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Headlight Not Working ???
Hi all, 

2012 1.6 Hdi 75hp Van

Had what I thought was a blown headlight bulb last week. 
Changed Bulb, still didn't work, 
Changed all light related fuses in fuse box in engine bay (fuse 15, 16, 17, 18)
Still doesn't work. 

One very strange thing is that when I was changing the fuses for the 2nd time I had the van running (I know I shouldn't) but when I pulled the Left-hand main beam headlamp fuse (No 16) the van cut out. Why would a headlight fuse have anything to do with shutting off the van ?? I also had an engine management light on after this, read the codes and got a powertrain error, cleared the fault and the light is now off. 

I have also tried a new bulb again this morning to make sure it wasn't a dodgy bulb I bought, tested it in the other side and it works. 

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?. 

Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
Have you checked power to the bulb with a test light?maybe lose wire,or earth somewhere,
(19-09-2017, 09:02 AM)Johny555 Wrote:  Have you checked power to the bulb with a test light?maybe lose wire,or earth somewhere,

Was going to do that this morning but some bugger has run away with my multi meter. I'll test it later and see. 
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
A possible reason for the cut out is the computer management system or whatever it is called is measuring currents and see a discrepancy and bingo the engine cuts out.

This was the cause (hopefully) of a cut out/non starting and lumpy running happening in a VW Fox, wasn't aware the brake lights were permanently on, taken to several recommended garages with some saying get rid as the engine would need taking apart, none spotted the faulty brake lights.

Took it to a a diagnostic equipped garage and they identified the possible cause within 30 mins, dodgy brake switch and a pair of chaffed wires above the pedals.
Multispace B9 2009 1.6HDi
The fuse you pulled wasn't for the headlight bulb itself, probably for the psf1 or is a shared fuse for a variety of things

You need to find out if you have voltage at the right hand headlight fuse to make sure it's the correct fuse and the bulb goes out when you pull it, then check the fuse next door as they are generally in pairs in citroens ? Normally ten amp from memory

Once you e found the fuses you can then find out if it's a power supply fault or inside the headlamp/wiring to it... if there's no voltage at the fuse try jumping the power from the output of the fuse for the other side headlamp (so it's fused) to the output side of the fuse for the non working one with the fuse removed, if the headlamp works it's before the fuse, if it still doesn't it's wiring or headlamp after the fuse, try this and report back

If there is voltage at both fuses then it's wiring or headlamp or bulb at fault (I have had faulty bulbs before! Wink
So get this sorted this morning. 
Got out the multi meter and tested every fuse under the bonnet. 

Turns out the layout of the fuse box in the manual is not exactly the same as the one in the van. Same amount of fuses just in not in sequential order. 

Found one bad fuse that corresponded to the headlight adjustment, which strangely was working !!!. but changed it and now have all lights working again. 

Very very strange !!!. Moral of the story, dont always go by the manual, I had to get out my phone to zoom in on the numbers on the fuses but got there in the end.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
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