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Anyone fitted power steering to a manual 2002 .
As far as I can tell it should be possible with a new rack, pipes,pump etc  ?

Though I do have 2 berlingos, a 2001 with power steering and a 2002 without. So at least I have a working van to copy.

Even so, I'm confused over the drive belt sent aux belt. I can't get the cover off to even check the differences. But is there 2 belts or just 1 ?! 

Also if there is anyone near Staffordshire who could help with all this then without charging more than the van is worth, then I'd consider just getting someone with more experience to do the job.
Cover?? Look down the side of the Engine??
Yes, plastic cover over the belts. Cannot get the cover off on either van so cannot access the belt. From what the manual says, you have to drop the engine down on the right hand side to give access to the belts. So assume you have to drop the engine to remove the cover also.
Don’t recall a cover but never played with many 1.8d’s if I’m honest, I’ve never seen one with covers over aux belts though, nothing surprises me though with French stuff
They are both 1.9D, DW8 or WJY I think, not exactly sure what the differences are..

But are the belts driving the power steering pump different to the timing belt, or are they the same belt, it seems to be a lot of conflicting diagrams about this :-\

Both vans have the cover over the belts. Not sure about the power steering pump if that is covered, pretty sure it is as don't recall every seeing the belt itself anywhere.
Reviving this topic as my 2001 head gasket quit this week Sad

Does anyone actually know if a power steering rack would fit on a manual van ? I can't find any information and the racks looks the same to me (other than the pipes) but really not sure if the steering rod will actually fit.

Assuming its a straight swap, the part which will trip me up is doing the belts as have never done one. I mean if I screw something up, do I kill the engine ? Aside from that, routing pipes and stuff.. looks simple otherwise.. but probably not...

Could really do with a specialist in Staffordshire who knows what they are doing with this stuff.

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