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Forum Issue ???
How is it when I open up the Berlingo Forum website I get an advisory from my antivirus that there is an issue with a 

" coinhive - miner - virus " 

 Doesanyone else get this issue ????
(06-10-2017, 08:38 PM)geoff Wrote:  How is it when I open up the Berlingo Forum website I get an advisory from my antivirus that there is an issue with a 

" coinhive - miner - virus " 

 Doesanyone else get this issue ????

I am on a mac and I do not even have an antivirus program (1 theoretical virus out there), but it might be related to the 100% CPU usage reported in the forum here:
smile, you are alive!
Yes, the coinhive miner is the cause of the 100% CPU usage.

Follow the link posted by saskak above for more info.

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Thanks all for the tips I don't know how I missed the other thread, will have a nose at settings and try to disable it.
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(07-10-2017, 11:24 AM)doofer Wrote:  AdBlock Plus have created an add-on specifically to block this security risk...

Anyone who runs code on my computer without my permission deserves to be blocked.

Interesting you mention AdBlock Plus, doofer.  I hope I'm not being too cynical, but you might recall a recent change made to this website whereby one had to disable AdBlock in order to use this forum.  Hopefully a coincidence  ........... maybe?
2013 XTR 1.6 HDi 90

Like doofer says the total silence from the administrators makes you wonder if they are behind all this, if not put your head up above the parapet and tell us what is going on. I for one will not be using the forum until things are improved.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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Since no one else seems to be responding, I will. I, and I believe Angela and Mike as well don't have the admin authority to install software on the forum. We can zap spammers and move/delete posts. Nothing else AFAIK. Others chime in if that is not the case. Andre, the forum owner is the only one that I know of that can make the decision to install such revenue generating software and actually install it. Running a forum like this has expenses. Hosting costs as well as SW upgrades and general maintenance. That is all on Andre and I completely understand that he wants to recoup his expenses. I would too. I doubt he was aware that the javascript would bring some machines to their knees. It serves no purpose to piss off forum users or especially, donors. Perhaps there are some settings he can play with to remedy that. Hopefully he will respond and let everyone know what has been happening and what he is doing to mitigate the problem. Until then, just disable javascript for the site and problem solved. Most, if not all sites have javascript running in the background. It can lead to a much better experience on a site. Therefore your computer is working for someone else as well - constantly. Delivering reams of data to various entities on you, your viewing habits and probably how often you change your socks. It is also responsible for many problems on the internet when used maliciously and there is no shortage of bad actors doing same.
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Well I'll also be logging out and will check perhaps monthly to see if resolved if not I'll try the French Car Forum thingy if I need a fix. See you all on the other side, perhaps.
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