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Replacing the dashboard lights in a Nemo
I just replaced the blown bulbs in my Fiorino and it nearly turned into a nightmare. So despite the Nemo not being the most popular thing out here, I figured it may be helpfull to someone anyways.

1. Warning!

[Image: 2w4wr2v.jpg]

Before you begin, make sure to have the switch set to "recirculation". If you proceed in the setting as shown in the picture above you end up breaking this piece (like I did):

[Image: 20pygwm.jpg]

2. Taking the dashboard apart

[Image: syuobc.jpg]

Start with removing the console. Best way is to start at the bottom and pry it out with a old creditcard. When it starts to come out switch to a flathead screwdriver. The cable connected to the console is a bit short and maybe caught up behind the radio so be gentle.

[Image: dvoino.jpg]

Behind the console you'll find a hex screw. With the screw removed you can remove the panel with the vents, it takes quit some force, make sure to be gentle and pull at every corner or you might break something.

[Image: 2558bjr.jpg]

Now it gets a bit tricky. First we need to remove the switch, leave the two hex screws in place. As said make sure it is in "recirculation", so the far right position. Use a set of pliers to pull of the plastic cap while supporting the plastic bit its attached to. Again be really carefull as its not a very sturdy piece of plastic and it is a huge pain to replace.

[Image: 33dw45d.jpg]

Now you can remove the two hex screws. Getting the bottom panel out is a little hard as it is clamped in at all sides. First make sure the knobs are in a position thats easy for you to remember. The airflow/airco knob is not attached to the panel so dont bother about that.

Now pry off the top clamps. Then push the white console behind the panel inside, while pulling the panel out. This should free the latches at the bottom and now with some force you can pull the panel out. Once again be carefull not to damage the plastic switch.

[Image: 2h7m3xw.jpg]
And there we are, the dash only has two bulbs, nothing special here, just pull them out. I replaced them for a set of Philips Vision 12516b2 set. 

3. Getting the dashboard back together

Pretty much the same idea but then backwards, dont forget to reinstall the plastic bit and be carefull not to break it, or you'll end up like me spending an hour to find one at a scrapyard.

[Image: 2istlxd.jpg]
2007 Peugeot Partner Zenith RIP Sad
2010 Seat Ibiza ST 

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