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DV6 injector seals
Our Berlingo (with 120k on, now) has just come back from nearly a week in a local garage having the injector seals replaced.  The reason it took so long was that the injectors put up a fight due to carbon build-up.  Not unusual for a DV6, I know, which was why I didn't attempt the job myself when I noticed that 2 seals were blowing. 

Bearing in mind that Wor Lass wants to keep the car at least another 3 years, would it be prudent to replace the seals as a matter of course after, say, another 50k miles?  I have no way of knowing if the set that have just been binned are original, or what.

Not the owner, just the bloke who looks after it.

ALL the owner does is drive it and put fuel in. Rolleyes
Hi Stuart,

I would just get the injector clamp bolt torque checked at around 10k then at every service.

Might be a good idea to do an oil and filter change too.
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Thanks, Polar. I've got a full service in my schedule for the next couple of weeks. The winter wheels will be going on at the same time. Smile
Not the owner, just the bloke who looks after it.

ALL the owner does is drive it and put fuel in. Rolleyes
Yea just retighten at next service, the trick to removing the injectors is to get the engine red hot, quickly remove the rocker cover(improves access) and the attack them with large mole grips. They always come out.
I have a hydraulic puller, but only used it once on a DV6 engine due to it being a non runner & not able to get the engine hot.
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