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Wiper function problem
Hey guys,

I have a 2004 1.9d berlingo and i'm having problems with the wiper function:

When I push the stalk down to "0" for "one sweep, on demand as and when required" it continually sweeps for 4-5 sweeps then stops in the middle of the windscreen, they don't return to park position at the bottom.

When I pull the stalk up to "I" for intermittent it continually sweeps for 4-5 sweeps then stops in the middle of the windscreen, they don't stop/start intermittently, they don't return to park position at the bottom either.

When I move up to "Speed 1" they'll sweep for 4-5-6 sweeps then stop in the middle of the screen and this is the same for "Speed 2"

Anyone else had this problem? what sort of fix would I be looking at? Some sort of Body Control Unit? ECU reset?

Thanks in advance
I have the same year and model as you .No problem with the wipers ,but did have some corrosion on the BSI unit might be worth investigating just remember to disconnect the battery properly before fettling it.
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I did a reset and it seems to be working fine, where's the location of the BSI unit? drivers side above the foot well?

So not long after resetting the BSI unit the wiper problem came back, so today I decided to remove the unit, open it up and see what was going on

[url=[Image: 8F8B0AFD-717A-4794-8E73-6BBB8E426756.jpg]][Image: 8F8B0AFD-717A-4794-8E73-6BBB8E426756.jpg][/url]

found some corrosion which I cleaned up etc, put it all back together and reset the BSI unit twice but the wipers still have a mind of their own, nothing has worked.

Where do I go from here? new unit? scrap yard? lol


So the fault works in conjunction with the drivers seat belt sensor

When I have the seat belt off the wipers work as they should, in all modes, faultless

When I buckle up the wipers go back to having a mind of their own and start going crazy

Could that be you have an earthing problem somewhere.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Well it looks like its fixed itself, because I do long trips away for work I always disconnect the battery before I leave, I went away 13 weeks, came home and its fine, no issues at all


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