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Self adjusting clutch cable GGRRRR !!
(21-11-2017, 11:31 PM)ajcommercial Wrote:  Lightly..

 What is it that will effect the life of the clutch cable when the clutch, lever, bearing, guide bush, are all new and genuine ? What checks can I make ? What is adjustable ? I have checked the routing of the cable and secured it with cable ties, the clutch pedal is rough but not all the time, more sometimes than others, the bite point is close to the bottom, but not all the time.. This is not the first time I have experienced these symptoms on this van, I have tried resetting the auto adjuster... I can't think of anything else but to replaced the cable, again...

  Any ideas ?

Sorry, only just read your question. It's hard to think of any reason other than the cable from what you describe.
Normally with everything you describe, they are as light as a feather. 
The only thing Iam sure of is that they must be a genuine cable, as aftermarket ones do exactly what you describe and I now NEVER fit them, trouble,is the Citroen genuine ones cost a fortune, but do usually work perfectly.
All the automatic cables have a 'transport safety' piece that needs to be removed after the cable has been fitted.
Remove the safety before fitting, and you break the adjuster. Forget to remove the safety, and it won't adjust. Also, before removing the safety, the cable will be 'too long'.

I wouldn't buy a clutch cable without knowing the length of it.
A cable made for a car with the driver sitting on the righthand side will be longer than for a car with the driver on the lefthand side, and there's no way to coil it if you fit the longer cable in a car that needs the short one.
Also, adjusting a manual cable is a pain in the ... to be honest. The adjustment nuts end up pretty close to the firewall, or behind the engine, so it's difficult to reach.

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