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Heater Panel Backlighting

having suffered failure of the backlight to my heater control panel Citroen (under warranty) wanted £40 to replace the bulb after finding it blown.  I decided to do it myself.  After some research, it is quite easy (circa 1/2 hr) & I chose to fit led equivalents which should give better life than filament bulbs (I got the led bulbs via eBay & circa £1 for 10!!!  Beware though, they need to be inserted correct polarity - just try one way, turn on lights - you should easily see if they illuminate or not.  If not, remove & replace turned through 180°).

1.  Remove panel below heater control (& above window switches etc) by teasing off by pricing @ the left hand or rhs upper "corner". You can easily just pull of by lifting the edge with your finger nail & pulling away.  It comes away quite easily.
2.  You will see 4 x torx type screws, remove only 2 - the ones below the heater panel on either side.
3.  Release the white coloured locking tabs (they just spring with finger pressure) & push away from you - the heater panel will now be free & loose.
4.  Plenty of room to work "inside the dash" - gently turn the heater panel to face downwards with the light coloured rear facing upwards.
5.  Locate the bulb holders (2 x brown square assemblies) & using a 10mm socket gently rotate each off the holders.  Lift off (I used long nose pliers).
7.  Replace bulbs & reverse the above to refit (you can tease / relocate the heater panel into its final position through finger holes to the bottom left hand & right hand sides).  It is a a bit fiddley though).

Bulbs are tiny capless type - can't remember type though but you should easily find them via the internet.

All in all, easily do-able without much fuss.  Hope this is of use & crack on if this is a job you've been putting off.

Rgds, VicG
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