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Berlingo Bull Bar
Has anybody fitted a bull bar to there Berlingos? I've got a 2010 XTR.

I was recently in Morocco and saw berlingos everywhere, many fitted with bars.

Where can I buy one at a good price and easy to fit?


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There appear to be questions about the legality of them but there is one on this link:
My vehicle 2010 Multispace XTR 110PS Sahara Gold
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I got mine from Ebay £150 if I remember correctly.  Smile Smile
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I could do with one driving up and down the A3 all the time - that and the foxes, badgers and deer jumping out on me on the A325.

I reckon I could make a nice dinner from the results
Previous Berlingo: 2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.

Current Berlingo: K9 2018 Driver M 100ps in Platinum Grey with Safety Pack
Agree with Doofer - nasty things, bullbars.

Properly designed and fixed ones do the job in areas where the likelihood of hitting 'roos and such is high, and they certainly look good.

But the bullbar shown in this thread ain't the real deal - it'll just bend back in a slight bump, and that'll end up giving you more headaches than if it wasn't there.
(05-12-2017, 10:42 AM)doofer Wrote:  They're very good for snapping people's legs in two if you crash into them, it teaches them a lesson and stops them doing it again.

Perhaps there's an actual need for them in Morocco or Australia.  I'm not sure how many wild animals roam the plains of Rotherham though!

Have you been in and around Rotherham???? Dodgy Dodgy
I got mine from here (I live nearby and had my Berlingo blinged whist I sat and read a book!)

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That photo takes me back to my first Berlingo towing an Eriba Puck - the Puck lasted longer than the Berlingo (20 years).
You also may want to ask your insurance co. first before fitting one. They might refuse to insure you or hike the premium!
I'm pretty disgusted when I see that people add these chrome-plated girders to their cars for the sake of vanity. Cars are designed with pedestrian safety in mind and a bull bar negates that completely. Here's an exerpt from a ROSPA document:

How do you make cars safer for pedestrians?
Traditionally, vehicle safety has tended to focus on improving the protection that a car can offer to an occupant, but vehicles can also be designed to be safer for pedestrians if an accident occurs.
Pedestrian protection is achieved by designing the front of a vehicle so that pedestrians and other vulnerable road users are less likely to be injured if they are hit, and European legislation, Pedestrian Protection Regulation 78/2009, has now been introduced to ensure that all cars offer some level of protection. This legislation is expected to amended during 2018.
It will never be possible to design car fronts so that they do not injure pedestrians in all circumstances, but there is much more that can be done to change the shape and the stiffness of car fronts so that injuries are less likely and less severe. The changes in the shape of many modern vehicle fronts, compared to older vehicles, has been influenced by pedestrian protection.
In general, vehicle designs can be modified to protect pedestrians by increasing the crush depth between the outer surface of the vehicle and hard objects underneath (such as engine parts), and also by modifying the stiffness of the vehicle's structure below the outer surface so that in an impact it absorbs as much energy as possible without causing injury.
An organisation called EuroNCAP has been conducting crash tests on cars for around 20 years. The cars that they test are given star ratings for the level of occupant and pedestrian protection that the car offers, and most manufacturers try to achieve the highest rating possible when designing their cars. Whilst the ratings for vehicle occupants have been steadily increasing, improvements in pedestrian protection have been less rapid - the majority of cars achieve less than half marks.

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