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B9 Camper Build with Step by Step Photos
One way of checking if it's your switch at fault is to disconnect it and then touch the two wires together. If you've wired it right, the tailgate should release.

Looks Great Gravity,

I'm working on improving my "BootJump". I'm planning on converting one of the crates to a power box.

Just out of interest, have you investigated whether theres a good location to fit an under vehicle 3 pin power socket (the blue type used in caravans and campervans). The wire could be brought up through the offside hole below the light cluster (same hole in the nearside used for the towbar wiring).

I'm also planning on adding a relay just below the boot light, it will switch all the connections for the light to a small leisure battery (with fusing/switched/charger carpervan harness) either under the drivers seat, or possibly in a crate in the bootjump, via an armoured cable that plugs-in when the bootjump is in, this will reel up into the offside cubbyhole in the boot. So do minimum interference with the car electrics I'm using a quality 4 pole double throw to effectively switch all the connections of the internal lamp to the alternative electrics.

I'll keep you posted, but your thread is great!
Citroen Berlingo XTR (2016)
- Modulo Top / Climate Control / Auto Pack / Airbags / Sensors & Camera
- Amdro Bootjump (camper conversion)
Hi Colin,

Thanks for the compliment.

I want to keep my electrics separate from the vehicle, so I have got a power pack with invertor. The invertor is 300watt. I also have a 200 watt small greenhouse frost heater with 'stat, which the invertor will just about cope with in an emergency, although I would not normally run it off the power pack, but it is terrific for running off a mains electric hookup overnight. Another small plus is that it's silent - no fan noises. It sure keeps the condensation at bay. The power pack  will serve all my needs while off grid - lighting, tablet, phone, cooler etc.

I have an ehu lead, plus a neat ehu socket which I hope to fit into the rear bumper where it curves under, with a plug-in connection fixed on my camping unit. Work under way on this next. The power pack will obviously recharge while driving and also while hooked up to site electricity.

Priority in this cold weather is the finishing of the camper unit. I have sorted the single bed/double bed problem and it is almost complete. Electric mods come next. Meantime, what I 'm looking for is some subdued indirect led lighting. I hate a load of glaring led's smacking me in the face. Still searching.

Another update shortly.

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Have now progressed a bit further, with several related projects half completed.
Here's a shot of the table leg, welded up and cleaned. It was stainless, so I have just given it a coat of silver around the weld for protection. The welded joint is not seen when it's right up under the table. The photo makes it look bent, but it is completely straight.

[Image: Camper_67.jpg]

Here's a shot of the unit as it now looks. Not finished yet, but almost there. The table is now at exactly the right height, and comfortable to sit at. I have also made the strap that holds the right hand folding unit in place:

[Image: Camper_68.jpg]

And inhabited (well, sort of). I might be just a tiny bit biased, but I reckon this has turned out to be one of the nicest layouts I've seen!:

[Image: Camper_69.jpg]

I came across a bonus. This was purely accidental, but could be handy. When I swing the table round, I can also open out part of the folding base unit (see earlier photos) and make an additional shelf, right where it's handy. Like so:

[Image: Camper_70.jpg]

And here's another shot showing the shelf in use. This could turn out very practical so I am thinking of modifying the fold up unit by making a different shelf so that will integrate with the table seamlessly.

[Image: Camper_71.jpg]

Meantime, I want to make the curtains out of absorbent material - such as a thick old blanket - to help deal with overnight condensation. That comes next, plus more thoughts on lighting. Getting there slowly, but I've given myself a deadline of the end of February to have everything completed, so I've got to go some.
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  • Matt Haigh
Man, that is a SWEET design!

I want to build something like this one for my own Berlingo, but with an added level of IKEA to it; all parts must be possible to be flat-packed when stored out of the car. (I have very little room to store stuff in, unfortunately)
I plan to use a few hinges, and possibly require an Unbrako key for assembly/disassembly. Or torx if I want to keep to the Citroën spirit.

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