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B9 Camper Build with Step by Step Photos
(03-06-2018, 09:24 AM)jmhendrix Wrote:  Wow, nice job! How do the vinyl curtains actually stay in place?

Not sure really! They just seem to stay on the glass when I put them in place. The sliding door glass has a sunscreen net that pulls down, and I pull this down once the blind is in place. The two rearmost windows have the crossover cords that I fitted which give me extra storage, and these are usually full of jackets, cushions etc. These obviously help to hold the blinds in place.
I'm so impressed by what you've done, it's definitely given me ideas and encouragement for when I do mine, maybe not to extent you have but man it shows what can be done.

Question about your battery, did you upgrade the alternator at all and run new cables from it to the leisure battery or is it just being charged via the 12v socket?

Also your cooking setup, what about wet and windy days, can you still cook with the tail gate closed, ventilation and condensation must be an issue. I've seen others install a roof fan. Is that something you considered?

Again amazing work and I'm sure I'll have more questions.
With the hidden leisure battery setup, I ran a live lead, fused at its source (the car battery) and routed it to the permanent socket in the photos.

The route I took was simple. I located the large grommet that shielded the bonnet release cable as it passed through the bulkhead, passenger side. Then I split this grommet end to end, filed an internal groove along its length, and worked the new live lead into this groove. I was going to superglue the split grommet together after running the new lead, but once I'd worked it back into its hole in the bulkhead (neat washup liquid helped with that) it was firmly held together. The live lead was then routed under the carpet to the new fixed socket.

For an earth, I routed from the new socket to the nearest point, which was a bolt on the tunnel right by the handbrake. I've found since that with everything I use powered off the leisure circuit via the double cig lighter plugs, they get a little warm after, say, hslf an hour - but never get anywhere near hot.

The alternator remains standard. Of course, the load I put on the leisure battery while driving is usually just the cooler. Other things, like lighting, tablet or phone charging, kicks in when I'm stationary - but my iPad gets charged before I leave home, and trickle charged if necessary during driving, although most of us would charge our devices as we drive even if there was no leisure battery, so the standard alternator setup is already sized to cater for such loading.

Bit wordy that - sorry, but I'm bushed right now!
Oh yeah - forgot the bit about cooking.

Very windy, and I keep the tailgate shut with my bent tent peg device. It stays open a couple of inches at its base. I cook with the little gas burner in the car. The two front windows stay open an inch or so with those fancy window shields (see photos) doing a great job.

I'm not a cook, so my needs are simple. No real cooking is done when I'm camping - that's what pubs, chippies and chink takeaways are for! Mostly heating water for drinks, a few soups, etc.
Thanks Gravity, my needs would be similar. Cooker would be use for brews and the odd pot noodle.

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