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B9 Camper Build with Step by Step Photos
(01-01-2018, 02:03 PM)Hi Gravity.  My build based upon your design is coming on but i wondered where you sourced the recessed button for opening the. Tailgate frm inside the van. Thanks in advance. Wrote:  When you've closed the tailgate, there is no way of opening it from inside the car. Not happy with that, so I took off the tailgate trim card, wired in an extra couple of leads and fitted this button.
The button is on the top of the plastic tailgate trim and easily reached. It opens the tailgate, but because the button has to be recessed into the surrounding chrome fitment when it's pushed, it can't open accidentally if something rests or falls on it.
Great little extra!
[Image: Tailgate_Button_1.jpg]

My Berlingo is one with the internal roof rack with two supports. I removed the support that sits above the camper seating space, then cut a piece of hardboard, strengthened with two strips of timber, and slotted it between the remaining support and the front shelf above the windscreen. It houses a mass of stuff!

In the photo, I've got two large 3-season sleeping bags, a folding table, two chairs and a tailgate tent. Juggle it around a bit and there's room for more.

The best bit is, whenever I've taken passengers in the front seat, they never notice what's above their heads unless I tell them. It was made to lift out out when not needed, but it's so unobtrusive that it just stays there all the time.
[Image: Camper_66.jpg]

Here's another shot:
[Image: Camper_46.jpg]

This next photo shows the anchor points for the strap I clip on whenever I want to lift the unit out of the car (or into it).
They might look as though they'll get in the way of big feet, but that never happens. I steady the base unit when I lift it by also using the right hand strap that doubles as a restrainer for the folding box. (see earlier shot in previous post).
Both straps are unclipped and stowed away when not needed.

The photo also shows my base for the pedestal table.  The aluminium should be recessed into the floor - on bigger campers or caravans for instance - but I couldn't do that, so I fixed it into this block. Very firm and rigid.
[Image: Camper_65.jpg]

The pedestal was obviously made for a larger campervan and the table sits far too high on it. So I cut a chunk out of it (left hand bit in photo) and now have to weld the remaining two pieces together to get the right height. One of my jobs after the holidays.
[Image: Camper_53.jpg]

Here's a random shot showing the bed packed up. One accidental advantage of the 'floating hinge' is that I can leave the three lower mattress pieces in place when I fold the bed. The plywood sits on top of them, and this stops rattles and it also stops my table getting sctratched!
And the Berlingo load cover goes over the lot.

Still headscratching about the best way to cover the windows at night, but I'm getting closer.
[Image: Camper_64.jpg]

There are plenty for sale on the Bay. Try this one:
eBay item number:322232725313

It needs to be a 'momentary' switch - that is, it only connects the circuit when it's pushed.
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  • Wild1
Thanks gravity. I bought one the s@me as yours plus another one that lights up just to see how they differ.

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