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Fan blower heater only working on last speed.
Hi there, this is for a Berlingo1.9 d  2008 my blower heater only works on the last speed..there is heat but only blowing on the last do I change/check it?  Thanks in advance for any replies..Franck .
Its more than likely the resistor pack in the heater, its easy enough to change depending on the location of the blower. I take it you have a M59 model not the newer B9, if it is the M59 you will find it up under the dash from the passenger side towards the middle. Its all explained in the manual or there is a fare few threads on here to help you.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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If it happens to be the B9 model (1.9diesel? Doubt it, but ...) then the resistor pack is in the intake air duct just before the fan motor and after the pollen filter. You'll find this up under the dash, drivers side. Unclip the under panel - three plastic popclips and a few spring clips - and you will see the motor.

Just beside the motor is the resistor pack. One bolt, think 4.5mm, then it slides out. A socket with a wobble extension will make it easy. Unclip the plug and replace resistor with new.

Caution - don't finger it immediately after testing it - they get finger-lickin' hot!

The resistor pack is around £25 for the B9, and a lot cheaper for the earlier model.

Whatever model you've got, it will pay to undo the four small bolts holding the motor in place, pull it out and give it a good service. You'll be surprised at how much smoother it runs afterwards.

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  • Franck67
Thanks I will give it a go. .as I said no air coming our until I put it on the last speed..thanks Franck
Franck, just to save you some time (as it took me about an hour of cursing and sore fingers to get the resistor out) once you remove the small bolt holding it in you have to slide the resistor sideways to unclip before withdrawing it. It doesn't mention that in the Haynes manual.
Also, if you find that the resistor is faulty after testing across the 3 resistors, I can sell you my old one for £10 plus postage. I had bought a new one from Citreon (about £50) after I had misdiagnosed the problem, which turned out to be the fan motor. (see thread ).
As it happens, despite the cleanup I did on the motor, it died last week and has been replaced noiw with one from a local breaker, £80 instead of Citreon's £300. If your blower is noisier than usual as well as only operating on full power you may be suffering from a dirty commutator, as I was, and a clean-up and general service of the blower as suggested by Gravity may well give you full functions again.
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On mine it was the heater regulator panel and not the resistor pack
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(17-01-2018, 07:39 PM)Tikki Wrote:  On mine it was the heater regulator panel and not the resistor pack

Ok thanks,

was this a big job to change it?
have my car in garage for dpf filter at a cost of £350 as they say its too far blocked or something and needs to be sent away to be cleaned 
anyway I also have them look at the blower heater as nothing works it died like it was a battery running out of life 
so they said they could get a replacement motor but from Citroen but would be £750 to buy and replace ( not sure if this included resistor as they mentioned that too ) 
so I of course as they expected said no but they said I could buy from eBay and supply to them and they would fit 
problem is I am not sure which to order whether I order or best to order resistor and motor and they seem to range in price from £50- 150 plus 
and I know my car is a b9 xtr 1.6 diesel but I am not sure I know which model etc after that like is it a hdi90 or hid 110 , is there anyway of knowing and whatever else the sections ask for when looking for compatibility 
 I asked them to give me details and they said they'd phone me back but I am trying to do a search and get what I need ordered so I can get the part/s to them and have the car back soon 
thanks for your help 
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Hoping to kit out to use as a camper van , possibly with a boot jump Smile
Your engine power in KW will be printed in your V5.

Multiply that figure by 1.35 and it will be near enough. 55kw = 75hp, 66kw = 90hp etc.

The resistor however will be the only issue most likely. They are £20 from eBay, local factors etc.

Do that first before thinking about the fan motor. Just look for 2012 Berlingo green heater resistor on eBay and fit it yourself or give it to your over-keen garage. Have a look up under the driver's pedals, if there's a black plug going into the white fan housing directly above the accelerator pedal, you need the green resistor. That's where it's located. The plastic cover hiding all that stuff will need to be removed to see it.

See my thread on the exact same issue:
Not a Citroen!
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