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2002 multispace few issues
I've a 2002 Berlingo Muiltspace 2L hdi and I've few issues.
1. Coolant light always flashing when on rough roads and stays on when on motorways. Coolant level is bang on temp is bang on.

2. Hard to explain but at random times I can be pulling of or driving along and the hole car will shake to the point you feel like the wheels are about to fall of. The steering wheel doesn't vibrat but the gear stick will vibrat and can hear a lound banging from the passage side. So far I've replaced both wish bones, Drop links, wheels and tyres, wheel bareing and drive shafts still no joy.

3. When stone cold car will stall when pulling of start it up and won't happen again till thr next day.

Thanks for the help.
Coolant sensor dodgy? ,  unplug it and it should stop flashing. If still flashing then it could be the wiring. If the sensor is faulty they are easy to change and as long as you know your coolant level is OK you can ignore it until you get one.

The brake fluid level sensor is very sensitive, it only needs to be just under the level for it to flash.

Your banging could be the gearbox mounting, especially when changing gear. It is just under the battery.
 Front subframe mountings are another poss.
 Broken road spring or the bearing/bush in the strut top mounting, allowing the strut top to thrash about.

Hard to say about your stalling , are the glow plugs OK ? they should stay on after starting for 20 secs or so to help it run when cold.
 Fuel filter?.
Slight air leak into the fuel system and engine stalls when the air passes through. ?
 Its hard to say , at a distance, what could be causing the stalling.
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berlingo 1.4 red multispace
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Thank you
Coolant light is just bugging Smile I'll get a new sensor
I'll look at the mounts don't think gearbox mount is the issue as this just randomly happenes asnt happened to day yet but was at it all day yesterday.
Diesel filter was change 500 miles ago and runs grand when warm glow plugs are an unknow would they be hard to change

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