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Foot rest next to clutch
Has anyone looked into removing the foot rest that is to the left of the clutch? I’m wondering if can be removed so I can stretch my leg out  Cool

Many thanks in advance
That's a new one on me!
But I've got short legs, so the footrest is perfect for me.

On a Fiat Panda I made a footrest next to my accelerator, which worked fine, and your post has got me thinking of making one for my B9 also.

On long stints, somewhere to rest your right foot so that you can just tickle the go-faster pedal at the same time is very relaxing.

hi, yes i removed my footrest, its just a big lump of polystyrene, just pull back the carpet and carefully cut it away with a knife, the carpet goes back really well but not perfect, i used to hate how it felt on a journey of more than an hour, its the best mod i have done to my van since i bought it
Yeah I think that foot rest would be perfect if I wasn’t 6ft 3 haha. Been having some trouble lately with no leg room but I’m Gonna have a try at ripping that polystyrene out in abit.....your more than welcome to it for the accelerater side  Big Grin
Just to update I removed that polystyrene with ease, I didn't even need to cut it out so it can go back it place if I need sell it on. not sure if its possible but id like to be able to push back the peddles by an inch of 2 

Its made a massive difference as I can pretty much stretch my leg out,  I would recommend taking it out if you have long legs Cool
are you in a van or a car ?

my old m59 van the seat didnt go back as far as the one in the m59 multispace  which was comfier (im also 6ft 3)

first i binned the ladder bulkhead - which helped but the seat base was still hitting the loaad space floor

i ended up cutting a section of the rear load space lip away to allow the seat to go back where i wanted it.

brutal but effective - i only mention this as the seat in my new b9 multi spaces goes back plenty far enough - it also , unlike the old van the base goes up and down which really helps.

Worth having a look to see if the base is hitting the load bay floor (which in the old ones was just overlayed ontop of the car  floor pan) before getting right back
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I've got an auto, but I swapped the stupid double-sized brake pedal for the one that's fitted to the manual. So it's like a manual minus the clutch pedal. Where the clutch pedal should be there's a massive gap - I'm 6'2" and I can stretch my left leg straight and wiggle my toes if I like! I can even pull my left leg back and stretch my right one into the same gap now and then if I need to.

I actually wouldn't mind looking at adding a foot rest, but much further away than the clutch pedal would be. There's masses of space there, it's a shame that they mounted the pedals so close to the driver.

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