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Faint Dashboard Warning Lights
Hey Guys,

Just bought an XTR+ ex forestry commission vehicle, but I've recently noticed that I have a some dim/faint warning lights which come on in different orders depending on what you do.

For example if I open the passenger door, i get a faint engine warning light and traction light, if I put on full beam I get coolant lights, and if I lock the car and stay inside, I see a faint parking brake light.

Any Ideas? I'm thinking a bad Earth but I only noticed it after disconnecting the battery to look at the airbag connectors under the seat...

I also have an airbag light, but don;t have my Lexia to hand as I've recently moved, connectors under the seat are fine and make no difference, horn works but not taken the airbag off, could it be a broken wire under the scuttle? Where do they normally break?
Old engineering adage.

As you've just disconnected the battery, recheck battery connections first, especially the earth strap from battery to body. Of course, your dim lights may be something else, but the old adage above is the simplest first step, and often pinpoints the problem.

I only removed the Positive Terminal, didn't touch any ground wires at all. But they might have been there when I collected it in in the daylight, but only noticed it when it got dark.
Mine does this when it been standing in the winter damp - a good run and its all sorted again.
ok, so you diconnected just the positive terminal?
First rule: ALWAYS disconnect first the negative THEN the positive.
Second rule: ALWAYS put back on positive THEN negative.
I am not saying you earthed your electrical system out, but there is a possibility, slight though. WHen you put it back the positive, was there any spark around the terminal?
Dim lights? That is battery or connection. Are the lights pulsating while the engine is on idle?
If yes, the alternator could earth out somewhere or an earth point not working effectively.
I had the same problem on my bike, I think the charging system similar to each other.

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