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[Filters & Oil] Hdi oil flush?
To catch the oil from the filter housing I use a piece of cardboard that is folded and wedged below the housing to make a run off ramp, the oil then runs off the cardboard and into the container positioned below the vehicle (under tray removed) if using the suction method of oil removal you could probably fit a small container in below the cardboard.

If you haven't room for a container lots of rags would do.

You have to position the new filter in the housing a certain way, it has a locating pip on it that has to fit into a hole, then the cover is screwed on.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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  • Satellitemark
(13-02-2018, 10:34 PM)Satellitemark Wrote:  I've been reading this thread and found it interesting and still can't make my mind which way is best !

However for all those interested in the pump method, my local Lidl have them in stock (I believe they are available nationwide) for sale for £12.99

Ultimate Speed Oil Pump

I have a question, is the oil filter on a 1.6hdi on a annual change or bi annual change schedule ?


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[Image: 1deffbe032e9fc5aa5c8fafbdbb21a57.jpg]

Thank you very much, called in Lidl tonight and there were four. I was tempted to buy the lot and ebay them but just got the one for myself. Amazing value.

I've checked the oil, air and pollen filter locations and there's no need at all to go underneath (but they are all awkward, like posting a letter!). The fact that they are so awkward motivates me even more, as I'd wonder whether the garage had changed them at all looking at what's involved. Most air filters are literally a two minute job, not on a Berlingo. So mine will be DIY all the way from now on. Hopefully the fuel filter is accessed from the top too, will also check that one.

I saw someone on youtube just grabbing the filter from underneath with a plastic bag in his hand, grabbing it from below through the bag (like a glove) then chuck the lot into another bag. I don't think he spilt any. Which reminds me, I need a 27mm socket for the filter housing too.
I now have under my care my wifes B9 1.6 hdi my son's c3 1.6 hdi my son in laws xsara 1.6 hdi and my daughters c3 1.4 petrol .

Thinking all the 1.6 hdi's should be pretty similar and the 1.4 petrol fairly simple I'm intending to set about learning servicing and basic tasks such as pad replacement. The pump will make things easier as I can't really work on the ground.

I've even been eyeing up this PSA approved oil in 20 litre drums


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Thats a good price

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