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2007-2009 Berlingo Multispace - thoughts please...
Hi All,

While 'Old Clanky', my 1995 ZX may still be going OK, unfortunately it won't last forever despite my throwing a moderate amount of money at it over the last nine years. 
Casting around for a replacement, the Multispace seems to fit the bill. I'm looking for something that I can just bung a suitcase and the dog in the back and be reasonably sure that I'll arrive at my destination without having to phone the AA several times en route. 
Seats should be at least as comfortable - and noise levels as quiet - as the ZX (the best seats of any car I've had over the last 40-odd years and I can hold a conversation at 70mph without shouting). I'm looking at the 90 or 110bhp diesels - I don't drive around as if my arse was on fire but I do like to keep up a decent (legal) average speed. And were DMFs & DPFs fitted by 2009? 

Something like this one: ... 7lh&page=1

My budget is about £5000 which is why I'm looking at up to about that year.

I've read good things (and the odd bad thing) about the Berlingo Multispace and it would be interesting to hear from anyone with experience of the beasties. 

Thanks for any thoughts you can share...

(this post also appears on the French Car Forum. I was informed of this forum by one of the users)
I've had many Citroens in the past, starting with a DS19 on which I had to change a clutch - a real pig of a job. Going through a DS21, a BX Estate, a Xantia and several Dianes and 2CVs.

Then there was a large gap of many years, but I have now bought a Berlingo XTR, same spec and age as the one you link to (but substantially cheaper!). So far, it's great. I love the fact that it has headroom (remember headroom?), space to squirm about, and general airiness. The 1.6hdi engine has its weaknesses, but it is a willing performer and economical. I can see me keeping this one for a long time.
Mine is being turned into a camper (see other thread) and I love its versatility.

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My advice would to avoid a diesel that has a DPF fitted.

I'm not sure exactly (No one is) when they were fitted to certain models but I've seen 58 plate 90 bhp versions that weren't fitted with them.

As far as I know the 90bhp had a standard fly wheel.

I know I may be stiring up the Hornets nest and some will say there is nothing wrong with having a DPF,  but my considered opinion is avoid them!

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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Of the early current model Berlingos the 90bhp diesels did not have dpf until about 2010. The 110bhp XTR models have dpf. I think all models have solid flywheels not dmf. You should find around 2009 model average mileage for little more than £3k but ensure car has full main dealer service history as regular oil changes of correct grade are essential to avoid turbo failure.
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Many thanks for the replies, folks...

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