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The New Berlingo is ready from Vigo for the world.
Vigo, The cradle of all Berlingos / Partners.  Big Grin Heart
I think that looks quite neat

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I like the look of that !

Mark[Image: 400ead58ed9055c822f65e08b85edd48.jpg]

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Very busy styling with shades of Cactus and the C3 low roof appearance.
Oh dear, I'm not sure I'm that keen on the overall styling. The sculpted bits and those orange highlights; what were they thinking? The interior looks quite good except for the squared-off steering wheel. The technical specs look good, as long as all the extra features don't hit the fuel consumption.

I wonder what the Peugeot version will look like.
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We will need add another forum soon... Big Grin
It looks like a boxy C4 Picasso, lost a bit of its quirkiness, but it might be fantastic!
Having looked at the dashboard photo I can see an ominous switch next to the gear lever...I hope it's not the dreaded electronic handbrake!
I can't think of a reason why we would need a electronic handbrake, more to go wrong with stupid costs involved !
I hope it's only a option.


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(15-02-2018, 06:01 PM)doofer Wrote:  It's definitely a handbrake, so no more handbrake turns for us.

Unless you really want to activate the air conditioning and press the handbrake button instead Smile
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
To be honest, I didn't know anything about electronic parking brakes and did some Internet searches to understand better. This seems a good summary:

My concern is they will add additional complexity to vehicles which are already becoming a challenge for the home mechanic. I suspect you will need a car analyser (and/or computer & software) to know what is going on.

Oh well, judging by my recent car buying trends, I won't need to worry about it until at least 2028.
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