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Serious Berlingo Problem - Flashing Key Light
Hi all, I hope somebody can help me as I'm stuck at the moment.

Van 1999(T) Berlingo

I was driving along, turned a corner and the van suddenly cut out. Tried to restart but when I turned the key there is a Key Light flashing and also a siren sound.. the van will turn over but not start. This has never happened before.

I have done some reading and purchased a new transponder ariel. This has done nothing. Still the same problem. Flashing key light and siren

The van has one Key. The previous owner said he lost the keys so had this new one cut & coded (not by citroen) - I don't know the company and can't find the previous owners phone number to contact him to find out.

I've used the van for about 6 months and it has been perfect, not 1 problem. This happened completley out of the blue.

PLEASE help.

Did you hit anything like a pot hole when you turned the corner?

With other vehicles, the only time ive had it turn over and not start was either when...

i) hit a pot hole and tripped the fuel cut off switch, which just needed a simple reset

ii) been playing with my key and dropped the transponder out(forgot the name...immobiliser?), hence the car couldnt start.
Nope didn't hit anything. Was very sudden and odd. Could of been dangerous too. Everything I turn the key that light flashes away and the siren noise starts. I am sure the engine is fine, it just seems that the flashing light problem isn't allowing the engine to start
Any ideas
Sounds like an immobiliser/transponder problem. Do you know if these can be re-coded by a dealer?
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

I am pretty sure that there is a transponder code that you can purchase from the dealer for i think £15/£20. But hold tight, more likely than not someone more knowledgeable will come along and shed some more light on your issue.
I purchased a brand new transponder ariel. This didn't help.

I took the key to a shop that had the machine to test, and he said the key was fine.. so the problem must be in the ecu or whatever.

I am annoyed because I M.O.T'd and TAXED this van 4 days ago. 12 months m.o.t and 12 months tax and it's decided to stop working. Great!

I also spoke to a diesel place and he said it is best to remove all the anti-theft crap to solve the problem. Will need the pump messed with and a new solanoid, and some wiring. Which he quoted £250. I'm not prepared to spend that much though at this point
Brokevan. It's not enough to buy transponder ariel. You need to pair transponder chip and BSI+ECU.
If you have Lexia, you can do it by yourself. If you do not have - go to dealers.
But i think that the problem is not in a immobiliser.

As I understood, you have pre-installed alarm system. Remove it from car (fully) and I think that this will solve a problems with your car.

(sorry if I wrote post with errors)
Hi, I was told by many people to replace the transponder ariel first as this simply allows the connection from key to van. I thought it was the key and ecu that holds code and the transponder ariel, is well, just the ariel for the signal.

Yes the van has an alarm which I think is aftermarket. Why would removing this solve the problem? it's been fine for the whole time I've owned the van Huh
Ariel in Berlingo is not so weak device. There's no problem in it.
And what was before this trouble on a dashboard?
Did you see any alerting lamps on? For ex. blinking or glowing "battery" lamp or smth. like this?

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