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General Guidance Wanted Please.
Last year I bought a B9 Multispace, and just a few weeks ago I added to it by snapping up a bargain - a 2008 M59 Multispace. Both have the 1.6hdi motor. Great machines.

I need to be pointed in the right direction for workshop information - manuals, diagrams, etc.
I've fixed a few bodges on the M59 already, but I need to learn more - hence this call for guidance.

Any pointers gratefully received!

Type 'Haynes manual' into the search box on the right of your post and you will get lots of info.

Thanks Sam.
I have now downloaded the Haynes M49 Manual - very good link.
I have also got the printed version of the B9 Manual.

What I am also trying to source is something like the Citroen Dealer manual with exploded drawings etc.
Is that a possibility?
Are there any Ebay style cd's on this that are worth buying? Anyone recommend a supplier?

There are quite a few places online that you'll find the genuine Citroen wiring diagrams. Look for service box & sedre. The genuine stuff is bulky and can be difficult to load, probably best run inside a VM like VirtualBox or VMware. IMHO the wiring diagrams are quite good once you've managed to navigate your way around but the mechanical stuff leaves a lot to be desired if you're wanting to do much more than be a parts fitter.

Must say I'm a bit envious that you've got a 2008 1.6 for a good price, I have a 2004 2.0 that I'm quite happy with ATM so can't yet justify another parked up waiting for action.
Thanks Cancunia.
Sedre I've just about heard of, so will follow that up. There are Ebay sellers who will supply CD's with - supposedly - everything on them, with exploded diagrams etc. I was had years ago when I got one for another car and it was rubbish, so doubtful now - hence my plea.

I was told about the 2008 M59 Multi, 1.6hdi, so went for it. £1000.  It's done 80k miles with partial history including a belt change, and is in good shape except for a few flaws, which I'll fix over time. Modubox roof, which is not so useful as I expected because I forget what I've put up there! Tow bar. Otherwise standard, with dirty upholstery  (now scrubbed clean), and bodged air intake pipework. Oh yeah - and a leaking heater matrix. That's gonna be fun!

My B9 is roomier, quieter, smoother and quicker - but the M59 is definitely a better quality car. It's growing on me.

Interesting comment about the M49 vs the B9 quality. The price is certainly good for a 10 Yr old with 80K. Mine was used by a dog groomer who lived on farm, I had to pressure wash the seats to get rivers of mud out!

The Sedre info is available for download for free, just takes a bit of poking around & a fair amount of faff to set it working. Maybe the French Car Forum would be a good place to look.
Thanks again. Now I am getting somewhere.
I've found Sedre for download at £10, so will now search for the freebie version!

Plenty of free versions to be found, I expect all the eBay seller has done is downloaded & burnt the DVD's. Don't expect it to be a quick download, it's 3 DVD's!
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