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2.0 HDI Cambelt inspection
I have a  04 2.0 HDI with 150k, and no work history, so I want to check the cambelt condition.
Can I do this without undoing the engine mounts?
It's very tight in there, but maybe with the wheel cover off I can get the top cambelt covers off

If I really have to remove the engine mounts, will a trolley jack be ok or do I need a hoist also as per the Haynes manual?
Given the history I'd replace all with a kit (Gates ) say £80 inc pump

A trolley jack is fine, no block of wood needed ( my jack is quite big as 4x4 size ) and before folks chime in the sump is more than up to the job.
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Hi richard, it is almost impossible to check a cam belt by just looking - they can look like new and still snap!

As geoff says replace the belt and water pump - dont skimp on the water pump buy genuine or you will get leaks
do people write the mileage on them when they fit them?
(21-02-2018, 07:06 PM)richard77 Wrote:  do people write the mileage on them when they fit them?
There is usually a sticker in the kit.Put it somewhere dry.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The gates kits have a km / mileage sticker, my garage marks the bulkhead with permanent marker.[Image: cf986ed445210d44353ada0a0ae06e2e.jpg]

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Good mechanics always write the mileage at belt change time somewhere indelible.

Reminds me of a related story.
When I was a young lad I worked for Hoover, servicing cleaners and washing machines in customers homes. One home owner fell out with me and complained that I had not properly dismantled her cleaner when I serviced it. My boss followed up the complaint, and in her presence dismantled the cleaner totally. Written on the inside of the motor impellor, deep in the cleaner's innards, were my initials along with the time and date!

Ever since, I have always done this on most jobs I tackle - mostly for my own benefit later on.

you dont think i can get the covers off without taking the mountings off?
theres something written on the visor
(21-02-2018, 10:14 PM)richard77 Wrote:  you  dont think i can get the covers off without  taking the mountings off?
theres something written on the visor

Does it say, in French, 'Pull down when facing sun' ?

Couldn't resist that, sorry!
If you can decifer what's written, maybe that'll give you a pointer?

I cant speak french...
but no, its a bit cryptic-
Gate 83203 71 31
and no sign of sticker or writing in the engine bay

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