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[Brakes] Disc pads with ABS.
Hi, I wish to change the front brake pads on 07 1.6 16v. I have read somewhere that with ABS you have to open the bleed screws to push the piston back. Is this correct please? Any help greatly received.
You'll probably get a range of answers to this one, as there are a few ways of doing the job.

My take is simple:
Remove brake fluid reservoir cap, cover the opening with clingfilm or a piece of plastic cut from an old plastic bag (plenty down on the beach!), then screw the cap back on tight. Open the appropriate bleed nipple, push the piston back and close the nipple. Obviously fluid will come out of the opened nipple, so cover any nearby metal or surround the nipple with a rag - it's corrosive stuff. Fit the new pads. Top up the reservoir to its previous level if needed and repeat the exercise on the next wheel. Remove the clingfilm, check the fluid level, and replace the cap. Job well done.

The reason for the clingfilm as well as the opened nipple is 'belt and braces' - to avoid fluid being forced back up the pipework. Fluid degrades, and more quickly with temperature changes. The greatest temperature changes occur nearest the heat source - ie. the brakes. So with this method you not only preserve the integrity of the abs unit and the master cylinder seals, you also get rid of the most degraded fluid, while the fluid in the rest of the system remains static.

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It's often suggested that the best way to bleed air from a caliper is to bleed by pushing the piston into the caliper so you probably get the best result by doing as Gravity suggests.
The Haynes manual says to open the bleed nipple while pushing back the brake pistons, exactly like Gravity said earlier.


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