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2004 sliding door locking bar part advice
Hey, had a replacement handle put on my drivers side door but the handle still doesn’t unlock with central locking or from the outside. I think there’s one bar missing but don’t know the part number or correct name, any ideas?! It’s an MOT fail apparatus so need to get it openable from the outside. Here’s a picture of what bars are in place...

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Try this link to parts cat.
2006 2.0Hdi Berlingo
Could you not take off the other side door panel and compare the mechanism to give you an idea what part is missing or out of place.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
That’s a very good idea...!
So I’ve had the other door card off and it would seem there’s no bar missing after all. However there’s a grey piece of the lock that seems to go round the back of the mechanism that’s loose on the side that doesn’t work. It’s solid to the door on the other side. Also the bar that I’m pointing at on one of the photos is bent on the non working side. I think it’s possible that when the handle broke it’s broken this grey thing as well. Any ideas what this grey thing is or am I looking at a whole new locking mechanism?! Thanks in advance!

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Considering buying a new locking mechanism off eBay, has anyone fitted a new one, is it easy to re rivet a replacement on?!
If one side (non working) has a loose component and the other side (working) has the same component firmly fixed, why not get some Qbond or Gorilla glue and rebond it?

What have you got to lose by trying?

Hey I fixed it! So the door actually broke early on in me owning the car but only got picked up on my most recent MOT *sssh* so when I took the other door panel off I looked at the locking assembly and after a good long stare the bloody thing had had the roads out back wrong! Pulling the exterior handle as if Tom open wasn’t actually doing anything as the rods were wrong. Someone must have had the problem before I owned it and their mechanic put it back together wrong is all I can think. Anyway, swapped rods, and the widely parts were held correctly in place and the door opens perfect! Feeling pleased.

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Interesting post thank you it should help quite a few people.

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