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Washer motor ?
Hi guys,
In this bad weather just had another washer motor go on me.
This will be the third I will have put in, all be it from scrap yards.
Just wondering why is the motor failing rather than the fuse?
Model 2004 forte 2.0 ltd hdi
Washer pumps seem to be a common fault on Berlingo's, brand new ones are available on eBay from £5 delivered, I'm thinking that a pattern one may not have the weaknesses of the original Citroen one.
I would think a faulty one would only blow the fuse if it went short circuit or the motor seized causing a overload, when mine went faulty the motor spun, but it didn't pump.
I fitted a pattern one to my B9 Berlingo and haven't had any problems since.


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When the pump freezes the motor will sometimes still spin, the problem is it will then snap the impeller shaft off. The motor will continue with no load so the fuse will not blow but the damage is already done.
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My washer motor has stopped, I havent got a manual. Which fuse should I check. Its a 1.6d 2012
Best info I could find was fuse 14 in the engine bay fuse box.

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