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Erratic idle when warm 1.4i petrol
Dear Forum  Smile

I am the new and happy owner of a 1999 1.4i Berlingo  Big Grin it runs smoothly until it reaches running temperature, then the idle becomes erratic.
In the beginning it simply died, but now it has developed a less problematic yet still not so amusing tendancy to rev the engine between 2000-2500 rpm.
This happens without touching the pedal.

I have caught it on video here:

I have changed the idle control valve, that did'nt change the problem. I hope some of you have input on what could cause this, since I don't want to just throw parts at it.

Any help much appreciated!   Smile

[Image: 351bVQC.jpg]
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  • jch
Hi Rambo and welcome.

I suspect your coil pack is breaking down - as the coil pack gets hot the can play up when they are on there way out.

Well, that was screwy...
The RPM should have dropped to just under 1K almost immediately.

I doubt it's the coilpack.

And if the idler is new, also...

We may need a bit more details about your engine.
What's the mileage on it?

Do you have the 'brick' coilpack(sits at the end of the engine, with plug leads goign to the plugs) or is it the long, narrow pack that sits on top of the spark plugs?

The breather tube from the top of the enging head to the air filter, is it secure at both ends?
(Sometimes the fitting on the air filter housing breaks)

On the intake manifold, there's a fitting for a vacuum hose to the brake system. Is this in good order?

Check the wiring harness leading to the sensors on the throttle housing and inlet manifold for damage.

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