Dingo - 05 - 2.0 HDI
There were a few anti freeze threads on here last year. I think the only non Citroen part that's readily available comes from Halfords. That said, I expect that just about any modern anti freeze is fine.
Nice job with the wishbones!
Thanks mate, long way to go with project Ellen though. Back to Dingo, the sump has been leaking way too much for me to ignore anymore.

Drained the oil for the third time. H6 allen head bolts all around. There is a bellhousing/flywheel cover plate that needs removing also. 2x 13mm bolts and 1x10mm bolt.

I sprayed a liberal amount of plus-gas on all the bolts prior to attempting to crack them loose. One bolt head stripped on me out of the 23 bolts that require removing. I hammered a 'star' socket over the stripped bolt which worked fortunately. After all the bolts were removed however... The sump really didnt want to come off even with Rubber mallet treatment as well as a flat head screwdriver.

At this point I was fighting daylight so I'll have another crack in the morning. I have high-temp RTV to replace the gasket as I have read there is no conventional gasket for these HDI sumps.

[Image: cff02965e5b1f9bd2af615417172f13b.jpg][Image: f92cadf0e8553daa1d82a1601e043e59.jpg][Image: 0c62a8be104d63d1d41d2921fed337ca.jpg][Image: 4e21ab15795354ebe5a32d6f56629314.jpg]

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And all done. No unwanted nasties inside the the sump I'm happy to say. Lets just hope this does not leak. I did a free rubbish youtube vids of this if anyone would like to see.

I soaked all the bolts in some break cleaner also. I forgot to use copper grease when re-inserting though. No leaks as yet. Also used a gasket scraper to get much of the old sealent off as possible.

My coil is rattling around the strut something terrible so I need to deal with that next.

https://youtu.be/VJrYBAQuRuc[Image: 48633f52fc6bcd76f4444f2887f986ac.jpg][Image: b50b9e97e0a7e4f72798f061a0aa9fbc.jpg][Image: b78694409b1d061e9ee48b5dfcb9eb9a.jpg][Image: fcc7b17d71a2fe71db94e079f8f3563d.jpg]

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Progress is progress.

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