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Dingo - 05 - 2.0 HDI
We did take it out on another mini adventure last night while the weather was nice. Had to be done.

[Image: IMG_20180622_175337_579.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180623_022752_342.jpg]

Missed the sunset but ah well.
was frightened that the water pump might leak (because it did on the only time ive changed a timing belt kit on my 1st car (mk3 golf)). But it was plain sailing.
Been reading this thread with interest from the start. I knew you was from local area from where i lived, around St helens.
Only just clocked the first pick with jag in and 2nd pic location and know bang on where it is Big Grin
Not home sick honest Smile
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(24-06-2018, 03:49 AM)Hardnut Wrote:  Been reading this thread with interest from the start. I knew you was from local area from where i lived, around St helens.
Only just clocked the first pick with jag in and 2nd pic location and know bang on where it is Big Grin
Not home sick honest Smile

Thanks for the interest dude  Smile yeh St Helens is an 'interesting' place, a stroll around the dilapidated town centre can net you views of various poundshops, charity shops and betting shops. You may also spot various extras from the scene of Moss Isley spaceport, in short it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

However there are some good points. Like the fact that the Peak District, Lake District and Snowdonia are all less than two hours away. We went to Betsy-y-coed recently with the inlaws (fun times) but nah it was a good day. 

[Image: 20180703_123144.jpg]
Spotted a classic too.

[Image: 20180703_123200.jpg]
Nah not this one.

This one.
[Image: 20180703_125329.jpg]

Bentley Speed 6 (1926-1930) Only 544 were made so this is most likely a replica. Still stunning though.

And another from that day.
[Image: IMG_20180703_150726_190.jpg]

Not really being doing that much as ive mostly been at the unit working on the mk2 which has been gaining momentum recently. 

I did go for a bit of a solo hike on the forest of bowland. I parked at the Cross of Greet bridge. 

[Image: 20180627_220241_01.jpg]

That's for my own reference more than anything as its got great access to the fells. But the road that goes through is pretty spectacular too ( Lythe Fell road)

[Image: 20180627_221301_01_01.jpg]

looks like your Berlingo travels/travails are quite parallel to ours. Bought ours on a 'needs must' basis last year, changed cambelt and then made him tow a caravan 1200 miles. Did your Loch Lomond/Highlands journey  in the opposite direction  and found it marvellous. Back to the days of my childhood when we visited the Loch Lomond Safari Park (yes - there were Giraffes by Loch Lomond back in 1970). Loch Ness was utterly nuts for tourists and traffic so I'd put a hard sell here on Dumfries and Galloway/Ayrshire for your next trip north of the border (totally biased it's where I originated from).

Stop at Gretna Green [ has a shopping outlet with husband creche opposite (pub) plus a decent chippie and a not so bad caravan site that takes dogs] for a quick wedding and then just Go West (OK not listening to the Pet Shop Boys if you don't fancy it) plenty of places smacking of a 'mini-Highlands' and much fewer people i.e. tourists. Midges can be wee b*stards though. If you feel brave trundle out to the Rhins of Galloway, bit of a trek, if not then stop by Castle Douglas or Newton Stewart - lovely wee towns.

On the suspension strut pinch bolts - feel the pain. On the higher mileage cars the bolt seizes into both sides of the joint - so you undo the nut but there's still no free play. I've just spent a happy afternoon drilling and drifting one out of my hub carrier after resorting to cutting it in two through the gap in the hub carrier clamp - quick tap with a cold chisel into the gap and the hub carrier just drops out but you then have two halves of a seized bolt to contend with.
Bit of a p*sser as I only rebuilt the front suspension in January after a spring broke - maybe replacing the hub bearings at the same time would have been prudent on a high mileage car? Actually maybe replacing the pinch bolt would have been more prudent? *

My experience with Peugeots/Des around 10 - 15 years old (Des is  our Berlingo - you have a Dingo we have a Des - all cars of character need a name) is that the top suspension bearings die around 100K/10 years or so and therefore maybe worth replacing in any case at that sort or age for the PSA designed cars. No idea if their habit of eating springs is related though :-) . [Afterthought - does power steering disguise these problems until they become terminal???]

Droplinks I just cut off and bin as you can pick pattern ones up cheap enough - maybe you get lucky and can unbolt one. Scotsman in me says use Amazon Prime in these cases - a wee bit dearer but free returns if you don't use/open the part :-) 

The hub bearing/hub can be hammered out of the carrier once you get the fecker off the suspension strut. My secret weapon is one of these - it's a generic Peugeot/Citroen crankshaft pulley bolt that you often get as part of a cambelt kit. Keep the old one and, once you have the hub carrier off, reverse the crankshaft pulley fitting into the inner hub cup and hammer the bej*sus out of the the threaded end of the bolt - works for me. So far the bolt has always remained clamped to the washer but you could pop a nut onto the threaded end and tighten down onto the cup washer just in case.

The bearing insertion/removal kit that you mention really does work - no need for a 20 ton press - but you do need to get the whole thing 100% square before winding in else you will b*gger the bearing. Grease the tool threads up with old gearbox/diff oil or chainsaw oil if you have no old gearbox stuff. WD40/3-in1 Oil is a bit light.  More silicon than a porn star's t**** on the bearing/hub and off you go! There's a load of posts on here about needing to get the bearing pressed in by a machine shop but, so far [touching wood] I've used the likes of your kit to press in and out big suspension bushes/hub bearings quite happily including the rear wishbone bushes on a BMW Mini which is normally an utter feckfest if you are not triple jointed.

My take on the Berlingo/Partner/206/C4/whatever is that they are pretty well engineered cars, parts are cheap and the knowledge on the internet with forums like this makes maintaining an older vehicle quite possible. Previously I have run less popular vehicles of a similar age (looking at you Mr. BMW Mini and Mr. Jeep)  and found that their scarcity is reflected in parts availability & prices plus online advice once they get to 15+ years old. 

So we now have two French vehicles (with 148K & 198K mileage) here plus a 1955 Morris Minor (that is the proverbial piece of p*ss to work on but the lack of modern niceties (heater/fan) makes him a Summer car for SHORT trips - 5 gallon tank with around 25 mpg? Hmmmm)

Mind you, our Berlingo's on axle stands until at least Wednesday - joy of living out in The Boonies - 'Next Day Sir?' Errrrr no - how about a week Tuesday?' Best I go fire up the Moggie.

More power to your torque wrench


* = actually not. In January I was outside in foul weather fitting new coil spring in the wind and sleet - better to be drilling out stuff in today's 25 degrees
Our car - 2008 1.6 HDi 92 Multispace. 149,000 miles + counting. 13,500 + miles in our care. 47.95 mpg ave in that time
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Hello coakers,

you have all my sympathy. I like the stile you are doing the report with nice photos, a bit of irony and proper work. It is the way we can do it at home. On the other hand it is good to see in which condition the parts are even on a car with nearly full service history. Most people show the finished status with low information. 

Good luck, Rolf
Berlingo Blue HDI120 S&S Shine, 08/2016, KYANOS Blue Metallic
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Thank you for the kind words and sharing your interest in these ol heaps, to be honest I had no idea that Berlingos had quite the following until i visited this forum, I do try and incorporate some how-to's where ever I can if they may appear helpful to others. Also a reminder to myself if I need to do a particular job again  Big Grin . I'd love to see you moggy pal! Its a bucket list car for me! I especially love the lowlight minors.

I nearly sold it the other week when a mk3 golf estate came up for sale locally (i know i know) but I didnt. I do sometimes have these moments of impulsive madness.

We did go to the Peak District last night specifically to see the crash site of ''Overexposed'' a crashed b52 superfortress. It crashed in 1948 on a routine flight killing all 13 U.S.A.F crewmen on board. It was a naturally somber experience when we finally discovered the site, its suprising how much wreckage is still there.

[Image: 20180714_213959.jpg]

[Image: 20180714_214200_01.jpg]

You can find the location by typing in 'overexposed' into google maps.

The berlingo is getting low frequency grinding/rubbing noise coming from what i think to be the CV joints. Also I'm noticing an eggy smell which I suspect is the cat. I'll throw some cat clean down there to see if it rectifys that.

I've been doing a lot of work on the mk2 lately and the Dingo has done a lot of ferrying parts and tools to and from the unit. Made a big step forward last night.

[Image: 20180717_011345.jpg]

[Image: 20180718_215232.jpg]sorry not berlingo related but had to share.
The thing is, these little cars are so massively versatile, and useful.

Mine makes me smile every time I use or abuse it, just asking for more.

I suspect there are loads of people who just read and follow but never post on here, that’s fine too.

The forum certainly is a Great resource.

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