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Dingo - 05 - 2.0 HDI
This is my 4th day of Berlingo ownership.
After hours and hours of serching and ringing for a practical, cheap shed the 'lingo became more and more attractive. So having seen a good few adds. I did what any irrational impulsive person does. I bought the first one I've seen.

2 months ago I was happily driving around in an X-type jag estate (bear with me).
Until it decided to conk out on one of the busiest roundabouts in town at one of the busiest times of day... Furthermore if you want a definition of irony I broke down returning a camshaft sensor to Eurocar parts for my girlfriends Peugeot 308 (have since found out the timing chain has gone).

So enough rambling (for now) Enter my £550 Berlingo that has done 180,000 miles (i dont know what it is but I'm just think higher mileage cars have more character. I've named it Dingo btw. Also has service history from 2007-2014.

I've also decided to keep this and sell the jag (mondeo) once its fixed.[Image: e551d4df959811e2eba04e263bc01ec6.jpg][Image: 0f35d74598ff09958a73f5cae5e493a8.jpg][Image: eae6db28d433bfb72e58a63374c1dff5.jpg][Image: 1301ad4dedd27d69a109b933fa5265c1.jpg][Image: ae47092a200fbf4e3294ec1e9d2cdb8a.jpg]

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  • Art b
So far I've changed the oil/filter and air filter (done 19/3/18) used Shell Helix HX7 10w40 and a Bosch filter however I'm only running this oil for 50 miles or so and then I'm going to use Wynns engine flush. Drain that and refill with Mobil 3000 X1 5w40.

Safe to say the air filter needed changing too.

• There are some issues though and advice would be much appreciated. The 12v aux system doesnt work (I'll check fuses and go from there)

• Radio doesnt work, it accepted a CD but wouldnt play it however the track numbers do come up on the display as if it is playing. When i did have the radio switched on. It did play static through one of the rear speakers intermittently so I may just replace it with an after market head unit and see if that works.

The map there is my first decent run out in Dingo. Full tank of super diesel and STP injector cleaner and off we went. 120 miles that day and 1/4 tank used.[Image: fa37f3acd24ada841000a43d5e855345.jpg][Image: c6cebb478bb5b93940faf67ca859b254.jpg][Image: 87f9484019af8d6057dc89ea2e7aeeb1.jpg]

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Should be a good reliable car.
Have you got yourself a spare wheel yet?

Welcome mate.

Looks good.

Mileage is not always an issue.

Look forward to more updates.
You got the best colour :-)
Thanks for the replies! Yes I am looking forward to many (breakdown free) adventures. I'm impressed with fuel economy considering its done so many miles. I'm actually attracted to high mileage cars, gives them more character.

Grizz I replied to your thread on RR. Brilliant read. I've also got this on going headache that I threw money at last year. That thread can be located here if anyone's interested.

Also has anyone had any experience with, they claim to get an extra 30bhp and improved fuel economy with their custom remaps.

[Image: 17da2c615f761d9e4aeeee04e28eef54.jpg]

[Image: 5688283d32283acb2e037f89cc268c5d.jpg]

[Image: fc12ebb20e61fb4451ef7392fbb35e06.jpg]

[Image: 039754ccc382c89c9e7d331588dd4047.jpg]

[Image: f54fff4c841f1e98def882ba709df829.jpg]

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Not a big update but this is the first of many stickers. Dingo is also on van duty for now. It also reminds me of what Grizz has aptly said several times in his thread 'The little van that can'.

However this little van must have been carrying fairly heavy cargo as you can see quite a bit of negative camber.

[Image: 13f63e10c148bd6073f11315fab68546.jpg]

[Image: f3fafa7db3739755d075b4df31ab6eef.jpg]

[Image: e68e335d86c39eb397dd878b83baf96b.jpg]

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Todays little journey had me and the other half go to a possible wedding venue. Stunning place called The Hillbark Hotel on the Wirral. Stunning price too when we got given the package bill.

Apparently the fireplace was Sir Walter Raleigh's and also got a great photo opportunity with this Ascari.

[Image: 9de82a2f3871216c3cd76ac81dd49422.jpg]

[Image: cd105ea05cc762d10613c088e4e18def.jpg]

[Image: 342a3ddc71994c7b5732c2b0c58a0825.jpg]

[Image: 695396a391e7110024f8cfef7105cb14.jpg]

[Image: 0c824e455473d6ab447ea7f5eafc444f.jpg]

[Image: bec6ceab823d7d29ee425314b6ac6270.jpg]

[Image: df2ec87c37c969fffd59627e3e620ffe.jpg]

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This is pretty much the route we took on our little Scotland getaway. All 670 odd miles. I got 550 miles out of one tank! Frugal driving of course but thats the point when doing long hauls.

All was not smooth sailing though. The roads around loch lomond are awful and took their toll.

One of the suspension springs kicked the bucket ans the clutch cable snapped at the plastic attachement end. The RAC guy had a brass fitment that just so happened to fit perfectly. Judging from my rear suspension issues i may have to replace the lot.

Does anyone have any recommendations of upgraded suspension kits? (both shocks and springs) I'm not looking to lower as such, mainly ride and handling improvements.

[Image: 47e27ea670145d774c72dea7ffb20c63.jpg]

[Image: f9dc865589e73b630aaffd0481e4bee6.jpg]

[Image: e94ac716d0782fe40dd05747e1f3d176.jpg]

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  • Art b
Just as I've updated this I've encountered a more serious problem. Ok, i changed my fuel filter on my 2.0hdi '05 yesterday afternoon. It drove fine last night but I was driving today i lost power and the EML came on (I am now running on what feels like half power) I cant see these being coincidence. I actually swapped back to the original filter to see if it was that but no avail. I just straight swapped the filter over I'm not sure if this has let air into the system or there is a more specific procedure i should have followed.[Image: 36d41f4485952ec6ff889f97214f8278.jpg]

[Image: d8e8f76fbe74d448b001fac4a7c185c2.jpg]

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