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Securing sink/hob unit
Could those of you who have done conversions share how you have fixed your units in safely please.  So far we are thinking of using aluminium angle fixed to the floor using tek screws (so they are easily removable), and fixing the bottom of the unit frame to that, you may have some other ideas as well, but i am wondering how to secure the back of the unit to the side of the vehicle?
The person helping me at the moment would also like the whole unit frame built of the aluminium angle for rigidity rather than the usual wood frame which i had originally expected.  I also like the look of the Aluminium Corner Profile that gives a nice rounded shape to the corners that would prevent my dog from catching himself on it when jumping in or out.  If these were used on the unit corners would it still be necessary for a total aluminium frame as well, it seems to me to be rather overkill?  Or would just the floor and top frame suffice if using the aluminium corner profile?

I would also be interested to know if there is any wiring or anything to beware of whilst screwing these tek screws and the gas drop) into the floor, it does look very close to the spare tyre and maybe the fuel tank?  The bed would also be fixed by aluminium angle to stop if shifting, I was just going to tether it by a hind leg to the existing floor ring by the tail-gate pillar and to the (un-used) rear seat belt floor fixing in the front, and probably use L brackets to secure a couple of more easily get-atable legs to the isle side?

I would really appreciate some other options or opinions as to the various benefits of ways of doing this.  Does anyone know how these off the peg lift in kitchen pods that come with 'fixing kits' get around this problem?

I looked at several dfferent bootjump type units before I decided, like you, to build my own. Mine fits closely into the rear of my B9, and is not secured to the sides or the floor.

The dimensions I made mine to will stop it from moving even if I had an accident while driving. The B9 sidewalls in the boot area are not smooth and parallel, but have several moulded pieces, and my unit butts up snugly to these. It's secure without needing any further anchoring.

As for using aluminium angle, that has to be a personal choice, and if you take that route I would love to see photos of your finished unit. Mine is made from both 9mm and 12mm ply, and has turned out extremely strong. I have also made it in such a way that I can put it in or remove it single handed.

Here's my thread on my own build:

Hope your project goes well.

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I fixed a quite thick slab of ply to the floor with sticks like sh!t, and then ran metal bars through the blingo fixing points that Id cut a hole in the ply to allow them to poke through, and screwdd them down so it was double secure. Everything was then screwed down into this ply either directly through the frames or by using L brackets. Nothing moves at all in the back now.
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