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Glad to see this site
I found out about this place over at the Citroën Owner's Club. I used to post in the Berlingo section there a few years ago, but it got very quiet, so I rarely look in these days.

I had a Mk I Berlingo (1.6 Forte petrol) for almost 9 years, and then wrote it off last month. After thinking about the alternatives, I decided it really had to be another Berlingo. (I like to think of myself as a bit of a Berlingo fanatic. In fact, I've even browsed the German forum despite not knowing German. Babelfish just isn't the same as knowing the language, though!)

I had a Mk III as a hire car in France for 10 days last year, and decided that while it was very nice, I really preferred the old Berlingo, so I went out and bought a second hand Mk II (1.6 HDi Desire 2007).

Very interesting to compare the Mk II to the Mk I.

It will also be interesting to compare the diesel experience with the petrol experience, and see what it's like to have a modutop. I coveted a modutop for years - but now that I finally have one, I'm not so certain. I've also been interested in getting an HDi for years. Now I'm going to find out what I've been missing out on. I'm hoping that I'm not going to decide that the 1.6 petrol was the best engine, after all.

My moniker identifies my geographical location - the north.

(The real north.)
And we are glad to see another member. Welcome along and i hope you and others are able to share your experiences as you go along.
Hi and welcome.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the petrol/diesel choice as well as the modutop. I also agree with your thoughts on the difference between the mk 2 and 3. I think that the mk 3 is great, but for what I wanted, it was a big too big and heavy, and feels just a bit too refined. The attraction to me of an earlier Berlingo is that it is fairly simple, light and rugged.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your new one and don't forget to put some details and photos in the members section.

2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

As another new member, welcome too.

Re the Modutop: I was really taken with the idea from reading up on it, and did eventually make sure to get one when buying my first Berlingo (mk2 2003, as per the 'new year new owner' thread). After a little use, I still like it a lot but I'm starting to think I could have maybe done without...

Seems to me its main benefit is for the rear passengers (who we only have occasionally), who get the glass panels, extra vents, lockers and power points. For the driver and front passenger there's not that much benefit really - I rarely look up to see through the roof, and the central 'shelf' is so shallow that it's not that much use - I'd probably prefer the standard full-width shelf over the windscreen. Suppose the CD holder is handy...

The big locker at the back is good - great for tidy storage of tools, blanket etc - but the height it takes up makes it a tad more difficult to load bicycles etc in (I know it can be removed). Roof rails are also good - one less extra thing to buy - although the non-Modutop rails looks like they are wider spaced and also higher off the roof, which could be a plus or a minus.

Other downside is the 'more to go wrong' factor though I don't recall seeing many reports of problems. And possible extra heating in summer due to the glass - will have to wait and see about that. No aircon in mine.

Overall I'm still glad I got it - it has great 'gadget appeal' :-). Not sure I'd spend a lot extra to get it again, though, all else being equal.

Would be interested in your views as someone who's had both types...
Chris - I've posted my more detailed thoughts on the comparative merits of the Mk 2 and Mk 3 on another thread.

Shedpete - I agree with pretty much everything you say about the Modutop. There isn't that much benefit for front passengers, and like you, we hardly ever have rear passengers. The amount of glass above you that you can see from the driver's seat is not great. I would much prefer a panoramic sunroof. It will be interesting to see how much we miss the full-width shelf over the windscreen. It was very handy.

My wife likes the look of the big locker at the rear - a great place to tidy things away.

Roof rails are not of any interest to me.

And yes, I had thought about the "more to go wrong" factor - and the potential for drips and leaks. I'd even considered the extra heat on a hot day, but up here in the far north, that's not very often . . . . Oddly enough, I promised myself that my next car would have aircon. But in the end, decided to do without again.

But, on balance, I'm still glad I got it. However, I've not yet had the car a week!
Hi and welcome to the forum.

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