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poptop or hightop on berlingo?
The above posts show that a small camper is a very individual thing!

I don't have a dog, don't like cooking, and prefer off-site camping (although I have mains hookup) - hence a single burner for simple breakfasts and a recce of good pubs/eating places wherever I stop. I also now use a quick-erect tailgate tent when needed. I also use my B9 as a people carrier, so need the seats regularly.

Others obviously view mini camping differently. Maybe some even like cooking! Enjoying the comments on this thread. Plenty of ideas for future use.

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@ Gravity  I eat organic as much as possible so that make eating out a bit tricky!   And the last time I walked into a pub on my own, looking for the ladies dart match, (admittedly it was a rough public bar and some years ago) some bright spark said "Hello darlin, has he stood you up then?"  It kind of put me off, though i would probably take it as a compliment now!

I have just got off the phone to Drivelodge, I asked them if they could fit a poptop to a pre2008 berlingo and the answer was no they didn't have one specifically for it and nothing else would fit either.  I said I was surprised that there was that much difference between the two models and he explained that the 2008 onwards is much wider.  So therein is the problem.

Looks like I might have to try to replace or re-insert the original seal with better sealant as per the post on this forum by Casper some years ago.  He said he would get back and post how it went, but he never did, well not on that thread anyway.  Is he still a member or has he disappeared like his namesake?  It would be really helpful to know how he got on.

Thank you everybody for your input

It would not be impossible to cut a poptop roof moulding down its centre, narrow it to fit your roof dimensions and bond the two halves together - then profile it to your roof contours in the usual way. The last bit is done for every poptop before final fittng. Just a thought - depending how important an elevating roof is to you.

Have you given thought to a tailgate tent? This would allow standing room and a bed for the hound.

Question: Is it possible when camping to have an organic fry up in the mornings?

Hmm, now there's an idea, although i suppose it would mean the canvas would need a new central seam to take up the slack back and front.  I'm guessing it would probably be cost inhibitive!   Might work easier with a hightop?  I will file that idea away for further thought.  For the moment i am back onto doing the sink/hob unit otherwise i shall never get to go anywhere in it.

Yes I am pondering a tail-gate awning, I think it would be useful to have one anyway, maybe next year when the hound-dog is a bit more sensible.  He's a 20month saluki/greyhound overgrown puppy who thinks everybody wants to play with him and that everything that moves is for chasing!   Fast dogs and chains or trailing leads dont mix well with tents i have found Rolleyes 

Organic fry-ups, yes if you have deep pockets, organic sausages and bacon are very expensive, but frying-pan bread or fried bread, eggs, tomato’s and baked beans is doable.  We keep organic chicken for meat and eggs they are in full lay at the moment and we are having trouble keeping up with them!   We should try wood smoking some chicken, that would be the nearest thing to bacon but if its anything like the rabbit jerky its too nice and doesnt last a week let alone the winter!

I have a pop top on my conversion it’s great, the conversion was done by Wheelhome but not sure if they supply tops or just do conversions to new vehicles.

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