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poptop or hightop on berlingo?
Does anyone know if you can fit a pop top or a high-top to a berlingo modutop?  I am slowly turning mine into a camper but it is one of those Desire models that have a problem with the roof window front corner seals lifting and I had this neat idea that a pop top or a high-top would be very nice and also sort out the seal problem.  No ingress at the moment but faint rusty water running down the outside towards windscreen.
I know Chapel Motorhomes fit them (if you are having a full conversion by them) but only 2008 onwards and mine is 2007.  Grrr!   I have been ringing around companies who fit them to similar sized vans but no-one has ever put one on a berlingo.   One helpful company said they have been asked this before and rang their supplier who implied that it was to do with the framework on that model?

I would be interested to know if anyone has ever seen a pop top or hightop on a berlingo (other than a Chapel Motorhomes version), or knows what the reason might be that it is not possible/advisable to fit one. 

I am currently waiting to hear back from the Poptop Roof company as they might have a small DIY version that could be a possibility, but i wouldn't want someone to try and fit it for me and find out that for some reason it is not possible!

Thank you,
Found this -*sess...ion*id*val*
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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Poptops look ike a great idea, and for larger campers they really give useful extra space - including additional storage and/or bed space.

When I made my B9 camper conversion I looked at installing a poptop. When I measured the amount of standing room I would get, and the amount of time I would need to stand inside my vehicle on any camping trip, it just wasn't worth fitting one. I could only stand in one small area of the vehicle, and if I moved forward a little my head would touch the poptop roof.

For a larger camper - especially if it's fitted with the type of top that can be raised at both ends - it is a great idea, but for my small Berlingo the claimed benefits are not worth the hassle.

Still, you pays your money ...

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I opted to have one on mine........Being able to stand up makes an amazing difference Smile

(also may be up for sale soon.......2 berth, cooker, sink, coolbox, Thetford, 240v and 12v Smile )

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There you go - two different opinions.

Mine has the boot jump type of installation, so it wouldn't work as well as the rear fitment setup shown in 48pop's photos.

Here's my layout:

Horses for courses ...

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Thats amazingly coincidental, I was on the phone just this morning to a chap from Washington at asking the same thing. He is going to have a look and see if there is anything that could fit or could be adapted t9 fit. He saidI would have to remove the conversion from inside for them to fit it though. Im going to send him the roof dimensions and he will get back to me if it is a - possible and b- how much. Mine is a 55 plate Forte.
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@ 3rensho -thanks for that, unfortunately Lifestyle Vehicle Developments where dissolved in 2009 but at least it proved to me that it is possible!

@48pop - very interesting!  Did you fit it yourself or was it already on it when you bought it?  Does it have a make or model number on it please, that would be so helpful.

@Gravity - I thought about the boot jump style but apart from not sorting out my modutop problem, I dont trust the english weather and want to be able to cook inside, also easier to keep the dog inside!

@NevD  Well poptoproofs must be wondering whats going on!  I've just rung them back because they didn't ring me only to be told that by the measurements we gave them (whilst on the phone and next to the car with a tape-measure) that it is too narrow for any of their pop-tops!  I forgot to ask about the hightops and he didn't mention them as an option.  So I will be very interested to know what they tell you.  I hope these guys all talk to each other (I've spoke to 3 so far),because I think there sounds like there could be a market gap there?

Please let us know how you get on.

(16-04-2018, 03:09 PM)DreamSeeker Wrote:  @48pop - very interesting!  Did you fit it yourself or was it already on it when you bought it?  Does it have a make or model number on it please, that would be so helpful.

I had mine fitted by the rest of the conversion is by me.....
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Thank you 48pop, I've just had a look at their website again and they do do a berlingo elevating roof but only 2008 onwards. Mine is 2007, is there really such a difference? Or is it just the modutop that complicates things? I assume yours is 2008 or later?
The poptop roof company said that our width of 1040 mm was not enough for anything they had but i am thinking we should measure it again without all the plastic trim and see if we gain enough to make a difference!
yep, mine is a 2012,The roofs are all fairly generic, they mould them with a fairly deep edge and then they profile to suit the roof shape. The older Kangoo they list is narrow so maybe that would suit??

The guys were pretty helpful when I spoke to them, you should give them a call !
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