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2012 multispace tow bar wiring
Hi all,
             I am going to be fitting a towbar to my 2012 multispace L1 in the near future, can i just splice the electrics straight into the rear light feed or do i need to get one with a bypass relay and use that instead. There are a few on fleabay for sale with and without the bypass relay but I dont know if i need it or not.

i got a 2013 van and it needed 1
When they are working good towbar electrics are fine, when things go wrong you will be glad you fitted a relay, fit one regardless of you need one or not. Towbar electrics are notorious for going wrong due to their location in the road spray, corrosion of the brass fittings, bad earths. Relays are fairly cheap, hard part is getting the 12v permanent live from front to back.
You cannot just splice into the rear light for the feeds to the towbar, the bsi will have a hissy fit & shut the lights down.
You need a specific wiring relay .
This is the typical unit
Personally I would get the original Citroen wiring kit, costs a lot more, but it’s a quality piece of kit that will stand the test of time in performance & reliability.
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I put a cheap aftermarket relay on Six years ago and it still works fine.
It's not much extra work,it includes the trailer indicator bleeper and doesn't cause Bai problems.
Do it!!
It is on my to do list.
But not right at the top

2012 Hdi75 van

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