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After filling up with fuel.
Hi to all,

I`ve owned my Peugeot Outdoor 110hp for 3 years and covered about 32,000 miles.

I usually fill up to the brim every time and run the total tank down till the orange light comes on.
About 18 months ago I had the fuel additive reservoir changed or topped up at the main Peugeot dealer in Preston and it has been fine ... until my last 2 fill ups.

So now when I turn on the ignition and drive off I hear a buzzing sound at the rear. Switch off the ignition and this buzzing then stops. It sounds like a pump and the only thing I can think of is the fuel additive reservoir.

Anyone have an idea what it might be ?

Cheers Circlip
Sounds like your additive could have ran out. 
Best to get the level checked physically . It obviously shouldnt have used used it all by now, but the pouch type do gave a habit of leaking, so maybe it’s all leaked away.
Would a main dealer refill a pouch thought they just wanted to sell a new pouch plus fitting no messing around as they dont like to get there hands dirty
It will be the Elloys pouch, like I said, it may have been replaced, but they can easily split.
Very simple to have a look & see if it’s empty or leaking.
The first package should last for 100.000 to 120.000 km.
But small stones between the bag and holder could produce a leakage.

All the best Rolf
Regards Rolf


Berlingo Blue HDI120 S&S Shine, 08/2016, KYANOS Blue Metallic

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Hello all and thank you for your replies,

I`ve been away from PC for over a week ... Ah bliss Smile

The millage of 32,000 is what i`ve done since buying my TP 3 years ago. I bought the TP with 79,000 miles and had the Additive Pouch done at 92,910 miles. My invoice says 15/07/16 and this was done by the main Peugeot dealer in Preston, Lancs.
No warning lights have shown up ... it did way back in 2016 at about 91,000 miles !
Since the Additive Pouch has been fitted i`ve done 20,090 miles and I will to fill up with fuel today after driving down to Gatwick Airport last week and back yesterday.

I rarely get under my TP but where should the pouch be on my 2010 1.6 HDi 110hp and has the fluid any colour or is it in a blue pouch ?!?

Thanks in advance, Circlip
Do not touch any leaking fluid as I believe it's dangerous.


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I was out and about yesterday and the upper dash alert was showing 50 miles. I thought i`d get to where I was  going when I set off but I accelerated hard a few times and dropped to ----  Blush. I searched in my centre console for change (plastic ash tub is where I put my change).
I put in 8 ltrs of fuel = £10.11 .... It didn`t make a buzzing sound  Huh

So today I filled up to the brim with 52.42 ltrs and drove away, no buzzing at first but at about 200 mtrs of driving slowly the buzzing starts. I filled up at a certain fuel station in a 20mph zone so I could drive slowly and stop to locate the strange sound.
I pulled over, hand brake on, out of gear and jumped out to the rear but then the buzzing stops  Angry   Undecided

If it`s the additive pouch then it would be sensible to take it back to the Peugeot dealer that fitted the additive pouch.

Cheers Circlip.
I read that the additive pump can make high frequency sounds, even when working normally - it is described somewhere when using diagbox software, and that you can change its action timing, so that it is more discrete, and not bothering you. The pump will engage every time you open the fuel filler cap and put fuel that varies the level in more than 1/4 to 1/2 a tank (or something like this), in order to add EOLYS to the new diesel (that is why you should always fuel from empty to full diesel tanks, because the pump will add the same amount of additive every time it is engaged, independently if you fueled 1/2 or a full tank). With diagbox you can set it to act as soon as the motor is again on, or you can set it to wait some time after that, so that the car is already rolling and the pump noise becomes less audible, masked by all the other noises from driving( I think this is your case)...So you may just have a very good ear for your pump´s frequency. I would still go for the confirmation of the additive tank/bag being undamaged/full of additive, but it may very well be that you just have a whining pump, and you have to live with it for 20 or 30 seconds every time you fuel your car.
I wouldn't run the fuel tank to near empty,you need a least 1\4 tank for the regen to work,

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