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[Engine] Cold start and low revs issue
Morning! Its my first post so forgive me if im a layman with the terms.

I have a 2005 berlingo van 1.9d

Basically on cold start up in the morning the van is lacking power and tops out at 3000revs and at that it judders, this goes when the engine is warm.

Its the first time ive noticed it today but the engine has started juddering at idle and every so often it sounds like a bag of spanners going from 1000revs to 2000revs.
This is intermittent and it alternates between rough and smooth, but theres a noticeable difference in sound when you set off from stand still when the issue occurs.

Ive had a nosey around online and i am tempted to buy some EGR cleaner to spray down the air inlet to see if that solves the issue. Or am i better off removing the egr and cleaning it that way? Does anyone have a how to tutorial on that?

The van seems abit sluggish in general but im not sure what to expect from a old van as i sold my 3 series m sport and got this to collect materials for renovating my house, so you can imagine they are 2 worlds apart

I must mention i had issues from day 1 with the van, ive had it about 7-8 weeks now but when i originally bought it it had issues starting and the garage had to get some valves reworked and put a new injector on it. But the starting issue has been solved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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Hi James and welcome,

How many miles
have you changed the fuel filter and air filter
do you have any starting problems - turning over quite a lot before it fires?
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Hi Polar,

I havent done any service work on the van yet other than putting a new set of glow plugs on when it had starting issues.

The starting issue was due to 2 valves being stuck open so the diesel couldnt compress apparently.

The van fires up straight away now no issues. Its just got very little give on the first start up of the day, usually the run to work.

I will be looking to service the van soon when i get time, also another thing the fuel gauge has been iffy and the van run out of fuel the other week so maybe it has dragged some s**t through? I managed to coast to a garage and refuel and prime the engine.

The intermittent rough and smooth noise has only just started so could it be something else or linked.

The joys of motoring!

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Nevermind, ive kicked off at the seller and im getting my money back winning

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Okay well hope you get it sorted - i would have been inclined to change the filters next
Hi pal,

Thank you for the feedback.
I took a look under the bonnet and a bolt next to the left engine mount was fully loose. I think somehow the timing has gone. Either way im getting my money back and looking for something else. But whatever it was it didnt sound healthy

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