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Lost key
Hi every one ive returned again with another problem and after all the help last time. I thought id be cheeky and ask if anyone can help me locate a key fob as ive lost the one that operates my central locking and ive picked up two ebay transponders/fobs and neither will programme up to the central locking when i programmed the transponders . Have i been unlucky on ebay or am i doing something wrong ? . Followed the lexia software but the remotes will not programme to control the central locking like my old one did which was easy just by turning ign to + then pressing the button for 10ses , turn the ign off . If any one can recommend where i can get a replacment fob from and where if i am going wrong i would be very appreciated.  The transponders programmed up a treat i just want to get my centrol locking working so im not walking around the car every time . If any one has one thats working so i can purchase it .
I'm curious, did you buy used keys and then get them to start the car by registering them via Lexia?

As far as the remote locking is concerned, I got the following from ebay a while ago. IIRC there's also some kind of time delay when it won't accept new keys, 30 seconds or something after unlocking.

1. Turn the Ignition switch to accessory position using the key, without the remote attached.
2. Hold the remote towards the receiver at the front of the vehicle.
3. Press the large button, then the small button on the remote.
4. Repeat for second remote key if required.
5. Turn ignition OFF.
6. After 5 seconds, remote should now operate.

Also this from some Citroen Documentation, pretty much the same as you've tried:

Synchronisation of HF PLIP remote controls
N.B. : When replacing the batteries of an HF PLIP remote control, it is necessary to resynchronise the remote control.
Perform the following operations :
Put the HF key to be synchronised in position "ignition +"
Within the next 10 seconds, press one of the HF key buttons
Release the HF key button
The ignition key HF PLIP is synchronised.
N.B. : Perform these operations for the other keys equipped with HF remote control.
Carry out a locking / unlocking test of the vehicle’s doors and tailgate.
N.B. : If the locking / unlocking test of the doors and tailgate is not correct, restart the synchronisations of all the ignition keys equipped with HF PLIPS.
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  • Damosmithy
That's progress for you!

Years ago, you just had a key.
You put it in the drivers door to unlock it, put it in the ignition, started the car with it and drove away.

No batteries to let you down. No electronics to go wrong. No guys hovering nearby to steal your transponder code and then your car later.
Just a key - lasted the life of the car.
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Yep i miss a button lol +it dosnt wear your key down . I think ive must have got my leg lifted on ebay as i picked up a new battery then tried two seperate fobs neither worked and it worked fine before i lost the key . Well it looks as if im doing the procedures correct so if any one can recommend a seller that they have purchased one from and it worked that would be great .
Read this thread, pay attention to post #9.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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(12-05-2018, 12:15 PM)jj9 Wrote:  Read this thread, pay attention to post #9.

Yeah, I thought that too but only as far as the immobiliser transponder is concerned which is why I asked if the car would start using the second hand key.
I thought you could register the central locking part of the fob without issue. Must confess that I've never tried it myself.
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Yep i thought it was just the transponder and you have to purchase new ones which are a few pounds but i didnt know about the remotes . As anyone replaced there key fob ?
(12-05-2018, 03:04 PM)Damosmithy Wrote:  Yep i thought it was just the transponder and you have to purchase new ones which are a few pounds but i didnt know about the remotes . As anyone replaced there key fob ?

So the fobs you bought don't work at all? Don't start or lock / unlock?
The trasponder worked fine , i was able to code them with my lexia but the hf buttons dont work at all . Im just ordered another from ebay just to see if i was u lucky then im just going to fit a universal controler as this is nuts lol i can diagnose faults with lexia , reset most faults but i cant programme a door to open lol
Sorry, just to be clear. When you the 'transponder worked fine' do you mean the second hand key would start the car after being coded with Lexia?

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